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TXL Basis Grammar for Fortan 77 and Fortran 90
Version 1.0, September 2009
Grammar Copyright 1998, 2009 by W.M. Waite and J.R. Cordy
Fortran 77 DO loop converter Copyright 2009 James R. Cordy
Fortran 77 column trimmer Copyright 2009 James R. Cordy
Licensed under the MIT open source license, see source for details.
Adapted from the Eli grammar for Fortran by W.M. Waite,
University of Colorado, January 1998
For more information on Eli and the grammar, see
Adaptation by J.R. Cordy, Queen's Univerity, September 2009
A complete Fortan 77 and Fortran 90 grammar for TXL, with example
transformation converting F77 DO loops to F90
Comments may optionally be ignored, or preserved in the output
fortran.grm - an F77 / F90 grammar validated on hundreds of examples
f77convertdo.txl - a TXL program using the grammar to convert F77
end-label DO loops to F90 ENDDO form
Testd on over 200 random example Fortran programs.
William Waite, University of Colorado
Jim Cordy, Queen's University
(parse only:)
txl Examples/F77/adapt.f
txl Examples/F90/cortesa.f90
(convert do loops:)
txl Examples/F77/cortesa.f Txl/f77convertdo.txl