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% Simple but very general TXL 10.5 grammar for processing HTML
% SomeDeveloper and Jim Cordy, Queen's University, Sept 2007
% TXL 10.5 base grammar for processing HTML input files.
% Tested on thousands of HTML source files from various websites.
% This is not designed to be a syntax-checking grammar for HTML,
% but rather a lightweight gramamr for conveniently supporting source
% transofrmations of HTML.
% While it's almost impossible to parse arbitrarily malformed HTML,
% this grammar does a good job on all well-formed files and most
% commonly broken ones. Robust enough to parse almost every HTML file,
% and to accurately point out severe syntax errors in badly malformed ones.
% Note this grammar uses the TXL cut operator [!] to limit backtracking in text,
% and TXL 10.5 [push] and [pop] context-sensitive matching to match tag ids.
#pragma -raw -case -id "$-" -w 32000
% Special tokens in HTML
url "http://[\a\d.-\?/=\#:]+"
| "ftp://[\a\d.-\?/=\#:]+"
fileref "../[\a\d][\a\d./]*"
| "/[\a\d][\a\d.]*/[\a\d][\a\d./]*"
number | "\d+(.\d+)?%"
| "$?\d+(.\d+)?"
| "\#[\d\a]+"
| "[+-]\d+"
x_id "[Xx]-[\a\d-]+"
email "[\a\d.]+@[\a\d.]+"
extchar "&[\a\d]+;"
punctuation "[.,!\?:;]"
charlit ""
end tokens
define program
[repeat element]
end define
define element
[singleton_tag] % for efficiency, must be first choice
| [tag]
| [text]
| [comment_tag]
| [tag_beg]
| [not token] [tag_end]
end define
define tag
< [push id] [attributes] > [NL][IN]
[tag_elements] [EX]
</ [pop id] > [NL]
end define
define tag_elements
[repeat element]
end define
define singleton_tag
< [singleton_id] [attributes] > [opt singleton_tag_end] [NL]
| < [id] [attributes] /> [NL]
end define
define singleton_tag_end
</ [singleton_id] >
end define
define singleton_id
'br | 'hr | '| img | 'meta | 'base | 'basefont
| [x_id] % various tools insert these
| 'dt % Javadoc uses <dt> incorrectly
end define
define comment_tag
<! [repeat comment_text] > [NL]
end define
define comment_text
[punctuation] [SP]
| [not '>] [token]
end define
define tag_beg
< [id] [attributes] > [NL]
end define
define tag_end
</ [id] > [NL]
end define
define attributes
[SPOFF] [repeat attribute] [SPON]
end define
define attribute
[SP] [attribute_id] [opt equals_attribute_value]
end define
define attribute_id
[id] | [x_id]
end define
define equals_attribute_value
= [attribute_value]
end define
define attribute_value
[stringlit] | [number] | [id] | [url] | [fileref]
end define
define text
[repeat text_unit+] [NL] [!]
end define
define text_unit
[punctuation] [SP] % Symbols that should have a space after them in output
| ') [SP] [see id]
| [SP] '( % Symbols that should have a space before
| [not '<] [token]
| '< [number] % Allow for a common malformed text problem
end define