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EclipsePlugIn 0.1
date : 2005/08/04
Domain : IDE
Description : This metamodel describes the structure of Eclipse plug-in. The Eclipse Platform is designed for building integrated development environments (IDE) that can be used to create applications as diverse as Web sites, embedded Java programs, C++ programs, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Although the Eclipse Platform has a lot of built-in functionality, most of that functionality is very generic. It takes additional tools to extend the Platform to work with new content types, to do new things with existing content types, and to focus the generic functionality on something specific. The Eclipse Platform is built on a mechanism for discovering, integrating, and running modules called plug-ins. A tool provider writes a tool as a separate plug-in that operates on files in the workspace and surfaces its tool-specific UI in the workbench. When the Platform is launched, the user is presented with an integrated development environment (IDE) composed of the set of available plug-ins. The quality of the user experience depends significantly on how well the tools integrate with the Platform and how well the various tools work with each other.
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Authors : Hugo Brunelière
Grammar in a broad sense extracted automatically on 8 April 2013 by Vadim Zaytsev,