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Validated TXL Basis Grammar for Java 5
Version 3.4, June 2010
Copyright 2001-2010 James R. Cordy, Xinping Guo and Thomas R. Dean
Licensed under the MIT open source license, see source for details.
Grammar for Java version 5 originally based on the Java Language
Specification, 2nd edition, 2001, and updated to 3rd Edition, 2007.
Validated on a range of open source Java software including JHotDraw 5.4b1,
Eclipse-Ant, Eclipse-JDTcore, Java2 SDK 1.4.0-Swing, Netbeans-Javadoc, Spule,
HyperSQL, reversi, db4o, and a large set of other systems.
Optionally parses and preserves comments.
J.R. Cordy, X. Guo and T.R. Dean, Queen's University
txl java.txl
txl -d COMMENTS java.txl