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PNML Modular 1.0
date : 2005/06/16
Domain : Petri net, XML
Description :  This metamodel describes modular PNML (Petri Net Markup Language). PNML is a concept for defining the overall structure of a Petri net file. There are many different types of Petri nets. Thus, there is a generic concept for adjusting net type specific features via a specific Petri Net Type Definition (PNTD). For implementing a specific PNTD, PNML is enlarged by type specific labels at certain net objects. A label assigns further meaning (besides the Petri net semantics) to a net or its objects. Typically, a label represents a name of a node, the initial marking of a place, the guard of a transition, or the inscription of an arc. The legal labels and the legal combination of labels are defined within a PNTD. This metamodel is based on ptNetb.pntd defined by Michael Weber on June 2003. It is implements the Petri net type for Place/Transition nets and it is based on the definition for modular PNML. 
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Authors : Pierrick Guyard

Grammar in a broad sense extracted automatically on 8 April 2013 by Vadim Zaytsev,