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*0.1.5 (June 17th, 2011)*
* Added scoped trees
* Added callbacks for move and unlink
* Added Tests for callbacks and scope
*0.1.4 (July 5th 2010)*
*parent_id attribute accessor acts as expected
*0.1.3 (June 15th, 2010)*
*patch from joshuabowers (
*0.1.2 (April 5th, 2010)*
*Dependencies updated
*0.1.1 (April 5th, 2010)*
*Imroved #children.delete()
*Add #children.clear, #children=, #children.replace
*Ruby1.8.7p174 compatible
*Ruby1.9.1p243 compatible
*0.1.0 (April 4th, 2010)*
*Support for Mongoid instead of mongo-mapper
*Proxy object #children added with methods: <<, delete
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