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Flambe is an engine and asset pipeline for cross-platform multiplayer games.

Written in haXe, games are compiled to Flash and HTML5, with support for mobile devices. Server-side logic compiles to JS and runs on node.js.

High level overview

TODO! But for now, here are some philosophies I have been following for this project:

  • Composition over inheritance.
  • Convention over configuration.
  • Rapid development, at most 2 seconds between making a code change and seeing the results.
  • Mobile first, desktop second.


Flambe uses bleeding edge features in haXe, so you'll probably need a nightly build if you want to try it out. This requirement will be removed once haXe 2.09 is released.

Pick up Waf, cd into one of the demos, and:

waf configure --debug
waf install

Then open a browser to deploy/default/web/index.html. The Flash or HTML5 build will run depending on what your browser best supports.

NOTE: Some of the demos require file parsing, which will throw a security error if loaded from file://. To properly test, you should load from a real web server. One way to do this is python -m SimpleHTTPServer then navigating to localhost:8000.

If Flambe detected Adobe AIR and the Android SDK, an APK will be installed to your device if you have it plugged in.

What now, you ask? Documentation is slim, but the demos should be instructive. Once the dust settles, I'll write some proper docs and a series of tutorials.

Are things not working? I'd be happy to help, send me a message!