Arduino Library for the JQ6500 MP3 Player Modules
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Simple to use Arduino library to interface to JQ6500 (JQ6500-28P, JQ6500-16P) Mp3 Player Modules

For complete documentation about the JQ6500 Mp3 Player Module, see:

For a library methods reference see:

For Linux Upload and Windows Upload Repair Tool (JQ6500-16) see:

Download, Install and Example

  • Download:
  • Open the Arduino IDE (1.0.5)
  • Select the menu item Sketch > Import Library > Add Library
  • Choose to install the file you downloaded
  • Now you can choose File > Examples > JQ6500_Serial > HelloWorld

Connecting To Your Arduino

Pinout image of JQ6500-16p MP3 Player Module For Arduino

Pinout image of JQ6500-28p MP3 Player Module For Arduino

There are two varients of the JQ6500 module as shown.

To use this library with a 5v Arduino, connect as follows.

JQ6500 Module Arduino
RX through a 1K Resistor then to pin 9
TX pin 8
GND (any of) GND
VCC (any of) VCC

To use this library with a 3v3 Arduino, connect as follows...

JQ6500 Module Arduino
RX pin 9
TX pin 8
GND (any of) GND
VCC (any of) VCC

You can use pins other than 9 and 8 if you wish, simply set them in your code.

Power Demands

If using the on-board speaker driver, then naturally the power demands are significant, and your USB power may not be sufficient at more 1/3rd level of volume or so, the symptom is the audo breaking up and potentially resetting when volume increases.

You should use either an external power source, an external amp, or a lower volume if you experience this problem.


Open the HelloWorld example.