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David Milberg DavidMilberg

Financial analyst in NYC

David Milberg New York

moumni heithemmoumni

I make computers do things.

Sandip sandipkp

InstaSafe Technologies Bangalore

Iván Olivares R. ivolivares

Front-End Engineer @Globant Chile 💻. · JS ⚛ CSS Node Lover ❤️ · I would like to create a new world with code.

Globant Santiago, Chile

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

iamlos iamlos

I'm just here to learn and help where I can.


mohammad VagrantStory

Developer Program Member

London, UK

Masoud Mirzaei mamos98

A geeky developer who's in love with :gb: ! Sick about Clean Code!

Neacodin Shahin Shahr, Isfahan, Iran

咕咚 maoruibin

It's a new year, It's a new start. Here I am . 2016

MOJI Beijing


I am very passionate about developing successful IT projects Always prefer to work on complex products.

S'wich UAE

Alexander Salas Bastidas ajsb85

Progressive Web Developer at @flyve-mdm

Teclib' / @teclib Barcelona, Spain

『Reactive Now』 simongfxu

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 A 🙈 from 🇨🇳 focusing on front end; A new father with a 👼; ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

DataEye Shenzhen

André Vitor Cuba de Miranda avandrevitor

GFT Technologies São Paulo / Brasil

Hemerson Vianna hemersonvianna

Front-end Developer; Web development Enthusiast; Always interested in learning a little more of Project Management, Design, UI/UX, SEO, Development

B2W Digital Rio de Janeiro

Leonardo Ribeiro leodsgn

Frontend engineer working at Kraft Heinz company with general process improvements through software development solutions.

Kraft Heinz Company Anápolis, Brazil

shubham shubh3794

Software developer at Zomato

Zomato Gurgaon, India

Joseph Milla josephmilla

At the intersection of business, design, and engineering

San Francisco, CA

Suriyaa Kudo SuriyaaKudoIsc

Founder of @iSCGroup & of many startups. Coder. :heart: @Git & @GitHub :octocat:. He is making open web technologies accessible to everyone.

iSC Enterprise Group (iEG) Munich & San Francisco + ✈

Carl-Erik Kopseng fatso83

BEAM, CLR, JVM, V8, Chakra. If it runs, I can kill -9 it.

@makingwaves Oslo, Norway

Ahmed Ouertani aouertani

Amadeus IT Group France

Manish Dipankar manishdipankar1711

CustomerXPs Software Pvt ltd Bangalore