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chart-craft (a suite of web-friendly data visualization charts)


Here is a suite of charts, typically taking data (in the form of XML) and transforming it (via XSLT) into a web-friendly standard like SVG, or (with help) X3D.


These chart components were previously released singly, with varying licences. The original licences have been preserved, so please check each component.

Team Formation Chart

This football (soccer)-based is output in SVG, and described more fully at Team Formation Chart: transform organizational unit people via XSLT into SVG football team graphic.

The files include:

  • sample organization XML documents which hold the team data, and might be output from a Human Resources system;
  • the XSLT transformation stylesheet;
  • another XML file containing formation layout data, imported by the XSLT;
  • optional and alternate CSS style sheets representing actual team colours (shirt, hoops or stripes).

Licence: GNU GPL 2.0.

SVG pie chart

The challenge was to produce a SVG pie chart from XML data using only pure XSLT without extensions. A fuller description is at A pure XSLT/SVG pie chart.

The files include:

  • an XML schema to define a simple input data document format;
  • a sample XML document based on that schema;
  • an XSLT transformation stylesheet to turn the XML data into a SVG pie chart.

Licence: GNU GPL 2.0.


A suite of web-friendly data visualization charts



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