Approximate Pi by inscribing polygons in a circle
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Approximating Pi with inscribed polygons

What is it?

This PureScript application demonstrates how the number Pi can be approximated by inscribing a polygon in a circle. The more vertices the polygon got, the more exact the approximation! A running version is available on

How do I build it?

First of all, you need to have PureScript installed (see the PureScript wiki)

Install grunt, bower, grunt-purescript

In addition, you need grunt, bower and grunt-purescript. Execute in your repo:

npm install -g grunt-cli bower
npm install grunt grunt-purescript@0.6.0

Fetch the dependencies

bower update

Run the build

Then you can build the application by:


This compiles the PureScript to the dist/Main.js JavaScript file. Open dist/index.html in a browser.