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CS374 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

Repository for Design Project of CS374, KAIST, 2019 Spring

About the Course

Designing useful and usable user interfaces is much more than designing fancy and beautiful things. This course introduces fundamental principles, techniques, and methods for designing, prototyping, and evaluating user interfaces. Through this course, you’ll master the skills to design useful and usable interfaces that are carefully catered to users’ needs. Course Page

About Design Project

Following a user-centered design process, you’ll build an interactive prototype through a semester-long team project.


  • Jeongeon Park
  • Changhyeon Park
  • Juan Lee
  • Hyunchang Oh

Design Project Milestones

About the Project

A renovated email interface for email users with frequent and diverse uses
Come and try it!

How to run?

You can see our demo.

For development,

cd src
yarn install
yarn start

For deployment,

cd src
yarn install
yarn build
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