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SMDB Deployment script

Basic Laravel deployment script for the SMDB site. But it should be usable for every Laravel based site at the moment.

What is does:

  • Clones the GIT master branch
  • Installs PHP packages
  • Installs NPM packages
  • Compile assets
  • Cleanup unused files in production (sass, uncompiled js etc)
  • Archive & Upload
  • Put site down
  • Overwrite files
  • Run migrations
  • Put site back online


  • Rename config.example to config
  • Edit the config (for options see below)
  • Run to start the deployment


  • git: URL to your Git repository
  • branch: Git deployment branch
  • dirname: Desired build directory name (local) and archive name
  • host: SSH username and hostname
  • remote_appdir: Application directory on your server
  • remote_builddir: Destination directory for the uploaded build archive


  • Run tests
  • Atomic deployment
  • Cleanup builds (local and remote)
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