Code for the 15th London Code Dojo meetup in Dec 2012, Gilded Rose kata
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Code Dojo 15

This is the base code from the 15th meeting of the London Code Dojo in mid Dec 2012. Feel free to play around with it. Please read the file 'Gilded Rose' for details on what the kata involves and how the exercise is structured. The objective is not just to add a feature to the code, but also to add tests to (bad) legacy code and to refactor the code into something much more maintainable and extensible. Good luck!

Other versions of the Gilded Rose starter code for different languages can be found at:

There is a CoffeeScript version of the starter code in the 'coffee' folder; from within that folder you can install dependencies automatically with:

    npm install

You can run the included code in this project with:

    npm test

A worked example of the Python starter code linked above can be found in the 'python' folder here.

A worked example of the CoffeeScript starter code in this repo can be found in the 'solution' folder here.

The source of the kata is the Gilded Rose kata, from here

I've also linked the slides from the meeting. You can find out more about the London Code Dojo at our homepage.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license - see