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Worked answers for the 3rd meeting of the London Code Dojo
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Code Kata Munge

This is a simple kata involving the reading of data from files and the finding of aggregate data from those files.

In the first example we have data from a weather station at Heathrow airport. The challenge is simple:

  • Find the year and month that has the smallest spread between the maximum and minimum temperature recorded for that month

Once this is complete, there is another, similar, problem to solve:

  • Given some football scores data (Premier League 2001/2), find the team that had the minimum spread between goals for and goals against

Different versions of sample code solutions for this kata can be found in the following folders:

The source of the kata is Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmers and you can find the original write up from 2007 here. You can find out more about the Edinburgh and London Code Dojos at their home-pages Edinburgh and London


The code samples are licensed under the CC-SA-NC-4.0 license, as shown in the LICENSE file.

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