Code for the 9th London Code Dojo meetup in July 2012
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Code Dojo 9

This is my worked example from the 9th meeting of the London Code Dojo in July 2012. Feel free to play around with it. There are several different solutions, in separate folders e.g. 'by-inheritance/' and 'by-decorators/'

From inside a folder you can run the code (assuming you have node.js with the coffee-script and jasmine-node packages installed) with:

jasmine-node test-*

I set up a watchr file (kata.watchr) so that the tests are run automatically every time you save a file in your editor, simply run watchr with:

watchr kata.watchr

The source of the kata is the OCP Kata from my old colleague Agile Coach Matteo Vaccari, you can find it here. I've also linked the slides from the meeting. You can find out more about the London Code Dojo at our homepage.