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A code kata revolving around automata processing Turning machine style instructions in a bounded universe
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Martian Robots

The original problem specification is contained in the file MartianRobots.pdf helpfully provided by RedBadger.

Prerequisites: Node.js and npm (comes packaged with Node these days) with the following modules:

  • coffee-script
  • jasmine-node

You can install these modules by:

sudo npm install -g coffee-script jasmine-node

You can run the excercise's code with:

coffee mission-to-mars

You can run all the tests with:

jasmine-node --coffee test

Adding the '--verbose' qualifier will show the test names and test suite titles as well as whether they passed or failed.

I set up a watchr file - robots.watchr - so that the tests are run automatically every time you save a file in your editor, simply run watchr with:

watchr robots.watchr
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