Simple node.js script to make names of mp3 files in a directory consistent
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This is a simple little utility to make the filenames of mp3 files into a consistant format, as the publisher will adopt their own naming convention e.g.

<artist> <album> <track number> <track name>.<extension>
<artist>-<track number>-<track name>.<extension>
<artist> <album> <track number>-<track name>.<extension>

This plays merry hell with my Android music player app, so in order to learn a little about both node.js and Javascript I thought it might be a nice idea to do this as a node.js script. 

Warning: smelly code, work in progress and noobish mistakes probably all present. Do not use unless you have backed up your files first blah blah. 

There's a test script called '' that will create a folder and some fake mp3 files, a test runner script '' that calls mp3rename.js with appropriate arguments, and a test cleanup script '' that removes the test mp3 directory and all of its contents. All scripts expect to be run from the same directory. 

Released under the Apache Public License v2.0 here: