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Distributed Transactions Outside J2EE Container


basic project providing the structure and configuration to utilize JBOSS XTS libraries for managing a transactional context across nodes. this is a spring based application which generates a war file suitable for deployment in any servlet container. at this point, the project has been mostly cobbled together in order to share with others. i'll try and clean up a little further once i've verified that i have configured things correctly. all interactions with the db and message broker have been commented out. see below regarding steps for configuring your environment for actual distributed XA transactions.


mvn -DskipTests=true clean install   

it's important to note that all tests will fail without first configuring the MYSQL db

cp <INSTALL_ROOT>/hlc-txn-webapp/target/hlc-txn.war $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/ROOT.war

assuming you wish to deploy to tomcat. the only requirement is that your servlet container is deployed to the root context "/" and listens on port 8181

cd <INSTALL_ROOT>/hlc-txn-webapp
mvn -DuseFile=false -Dtest=NonRpcSoapTxnClient test   

kicks off the client for standard completion coordinator. this is convoluted and somewhat silly--i'm probably doing something incorrect here

cd <INSTALL_ROOT>/hlc-txn-client
mvn -DuseFile=false -Dtest=RpcSoapTxnClient test    

kicks off the client for non-standard, JBOSS specific completion coordinator. currently, exception is raised using this client.

Further Configuration

cd <INSTALL_ROOT>/hlc-txn-persistence
export MYSQL_ROOT_USER=<user_name>
export MYSQL_ROOT_PWD=<user_pwd>
mvn -e -DskipTests=true clean package -Pinitdb  

this assumes you have a MYSQL instance installed locally and the correct credentials for creating schemas/tables and granting permissions to users