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;; -*- mode: common-lisp -*-
(defpackage :b (:use :common-lisp))
(in-package :b)
(defstruct (activity
(:conc-name a-))
(defun a-duration (a) (mod (- (a-end a) (a-start a)) 1440))
(defun B (name)
(let ((in-file-name (format nil "" name))
(out-file-name (format nil "~A.out" name)))
(with-open-file (in in-file-name)
(with-open-file (out out-file-name
:direction :output
:if-does-not-exist :create
:if-exists :supersede)
(let ((n (read in)))
(dotimes (i n)
(let* ((nac (read in)) (naj (read in))
(ac (make-array (list nac)))
(aj (make-array (list naj))))
(dotimes (k nac)
(let* ((start (read in)) (end (read in)))
(setf (aref ac k) (make-activity :start start :end end))))
(dotimes (k naj)
(let* ((start (read in)) (end (read in)))
(setf (aref aj k) (make-activity :start start :end end))))
(setq ac (sort ac #'(lambda (a b) (< (a-start a) (a-start b)))))
(setq aj (sort aj #'(lambda (a b) (< (a-start a) (a-start b)))))
(format out "Case #~D: ~D~%"
(+ i 1) (min-exchanges ac aj)))))))))
(defun total-a-duration (a)
(reduce #'+ a :key #'a-duration))
(defun fit-in-one-half-circle-p (ac)
(dotimes (k (length ac) nil)
(when (fit-1 ac k)
(return t))))
(defun fit-1 (ac k)
(let ((min (a-start (aref ac k)))
(max (a-end (aref ac (mod (- k 1) (length ac))))))
(<= (mod (- max min) 1440) 720)))
(defun min-exchanges (ac aj)
(cond ((and (<= (length ac) 1) (<= (length aj) 1)) 2)
((and (= (length ac) 2) (= (length aj) 0))
(if (fit-in-one-half-circle-p ac)
((and (= (length aj) 2) (= (length ac) 0))
(min-exchanges aj ac))
(warn "total duration of C's activities: ~D" (total-a-duration ac))
(warn "total duration of J's activities: ~D" (total-a-duration aj))