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;;; Google Code Jam 2019, Qualification Round, Problem 3: Cryptopangrams
(defun solve (&optional (in *standard-input*))
(let ((ncases (read in)))
(dotimes (caseno ncases)
(solve-case caseno in))))
(defun clearprimes (ciph)
(let ((cp (make-array (- (length ciph) 1))))
(dotimes (k (- (length ciph) 1))
(setf (aref cp k)
(gcd (aref ciph k) (aref ciph (+ k 1)))))
(defun expand-rle (ciph c-rl cp)
(let ((result
(expand-chunk (aref ciph 0) (aref c-rl 0) :next (aref cp 0))))
(dotimes (i (length cp))
(let ((l (aref c-rl (+ i 1))))
(when (= i (- (length cp) 1))
(setq l (+ l 1)))
(setq result
(append result
(expand-chunk (aref ciph (+ i 1)) l
:start (aref cp i))))))
(defun expand-chunk (ciph rl &key next start previous)
(if next
;; generate sequence before the first known prime, back to front
(let ((s '()))
(dotimes (i rl)
(let ((x (/ ciph next)))
(push x s)
(setq next x)))
(when previous
(setq start (/ ciph previous)))
(let ((s '()))
(dotimes (i rl)
(push start s)
(setq start (/ ciph start)))
(reverse s)))))
(defun prime-to-char (cp)
(let ((sorted-primes
(sort (remove-duplicates (copy-seq cp)) #'<))
(prime-to-char (make-hash-table :test #'eql))
(ch #\A))
(dotimes (k (length sorted-primes) prime-to-char)
(let ((prime (elt sorted-primes k)))
(setf (gethash prime prime-to-char)
(setq ch (code-char (+ (char-code ch) 1))))))
(defun read-ciphertext-rle (in N L)
(let ((ciph-rle '())
(last nil))
;; We need to be careful about repeated symbols in the ciphertext.
;; Therefore, we read the symbols into a run-length encoded
;; sequence first.
(dotimes (k L)
(let ((x (read in)))
(assert (<= x (* N N)))
(if (and last (= last x))
(incf (cdr (first ciph-rle)))
(push (cons x 1) ciph-rle))
(setq last x)))
(setq ciph-rle (nreverse ciph-rle))))
(defun solve-case (caseno in)
(let ((N (read in))
(L (read in)))
(let ((ciph-rle (read-ciphertext-rle in N L)))
(let ((ciph (apply #'vector (mapcar #'car ciph-rle)))
(c-rl (apply #'vector (mapcar #'cdr ciph-rle))))
(let ((cp-rle (clearprimes (apply #'vector (mapcar #'car ciph-rle)))))
(let ((cp (expand-rle ciph c-rl cp-rle)))
(let ((prime-to-char (prime-to-char cp)))
(format t "Case #~D: "
(+ caseno 1))
(dotimes (k (length cp))
(format t "~C" (gethash (elt cp k) prime-to-char)))
(format t "~%"))))))))