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(defun solve-with-streams (i o)
(let ((ncase (read i)))
(catch 'solve-exit
(dotimes (caseno ncase)
(let* ((n (read i))
(b (read i))
(f (read i)))
(solve-case n b f i o))))))
(defun solve (&optional setno)
(if setno
(let ((p (sb-ext:run-program "/usr/local/bin/python3" (list "" (format nil "~D" setno))
:input :stream :output :stream :wait nil)))
(assert p)
(sb-ext:process-output p)
(sb-ext:process-input p))
(sb-ext:process-close p)))
(solve-with-streams *standard-input* *standard-output*)))
(defun iota (n)
(iota-1 n '()))
(defun iota-1 (n set)
(if (zerop n) set (iota-1 (- n 1) (cons (- n 1) set))))
(defun solve-case (n b f in out)
(setq f (min f (integer-length n)))
(let ((attempts (make-array (list f)))
(responses (make-array (list f))))
;; (assert (<= (integer-length n) f))
(dotimes (i f)
(setf (aref attempts i) (make-array (list n) :element-type 'bit)))
(dotimes (k n)
(dotimes (i f)
(setf (aref (aref attempts i) k) (ldb (byte 1 i) k))))
(dotimes (i f)
(let ((attempt (aref attempts i)))
(format out "~{~D~}~%" (coerce attempt 'list))
(finish-output out)
(let ((response (read-line in)))
(assert (= (length response) (- n b)))
(let ((response-bits (make-array (list (- n b)) :element-type 'bit)))
(dotimes (k (- n b))
(setf (aref response-bits k)
(ecase (aref response k)
((#\0) 0)
((#\1) 1))))
(setf (aref responses i)
(labels ((matchp (a ai b bi f)
(dotimes (r f t)
(unless (= (aref (aref a r) ai)
(aref (aref b r) bi))
(return nil)))))
(let ((broken
(do ((abit 0 (+ abit 1))
(rbit 0)
(broken '()))
((>= abit n) (nreverse broken))
(if (>= rbit (- n b))
(pushnew abit broken)
(if (matchp attempts abit responses rbit f)
(incf rbit)
(pushnew abit broken))))))
(format out "~{~D~^ ~}~%" broken)
(finish-output out)
(let ((verdict (read in)))
(when (= verdict -1)
(warn "lost verdict")
(throw 'solve-exit nil)))))))