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;;; Google Code Jam 2020, Round 1C, Problem 3: Oversized Pancake Choppers
(defun solve (&optional (in *standard-input*))
(dotimes (caseno (the (integer 0 1000) (read in)))
(format t "Case #~D: ~A~&" (+ caseno 1) (solve-case in))))
(defun solve-case (in)
(let ((n (read in))
(d (read in)))
(let ((slices (make-array (list n))))
(dotimes (i n)
(setf (aref slices i) (read in)))
(solve-case-1 n d slices))))
(defun solve-case-1 (n d slices)
(let ((size-counts (make-hash-table))
(sizes (remove-duplicates slices)))
(dotimes (i (length slices))
(setf (gethash (aref slices i) size-counts)
(+ 1 (gethash (aref slices i) size-counts 0))))
(case d
(cond ((some #'(lambda (size) (>= (gethash size size-counts) 2)) sizes) 0)
(t 1)))
(cond ((some #'(lambda (size) (>= (gethash size size-counts) 3)) sizes) 0)
((some #'(lambda (size)
(and (>= (gethash size size-counts) 2)
(some #'(lambda (s2) (> s2 size)) sizes)))
((some #'(lambda (size) (gethash (* size 2) size-counts)) sizes) 1)
(t 2)))
(otherwise (1- d)))))