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;;; Google Code Jam 2020, Round 1B, Problem 2: Bildfolded Bullseye
;; I got as far as finding a few points near the boundary of the disk,
;; but failed to implement the remainder of the search.
;; This method might get into trouble when it initially hits the disk
;; at a "bad" point, i.e. on a lower/upper/left/right extreme. In
;; this case, my horizontal/vertical binary search would end up with
;; four points collapsed into two. Well, maybe that is not so bad
;; because in this case the center of the circle would be right in the
;; middle between the two points...
;; In the end I ran out of time with the rest of the method
;; (computing/approximating the center given a few points on the
;; boundary). I just managed to implement the "stupid" variant that
;; can solve the easiest data set, and grappled the meager 3 points
;; for that. (It must be said that those 3 points improved my rank
;; from the 3000s to the (low) 2000s :-)
(defun solve (&optional setno)
(if setno
(let ((p (sb-ext:run-program "/usr/local/bin/python3" (list "" (format nil "~D" setno))
:input :stream :output :stream :wait nil)))
(assert p)
(sb-ext:process-output p)
(sb-ext:process-input p))
(sb-ext:process-close p)))
(solve-with-streams *standard-input* *standard-output*)))
(defun solve-with-streams (i o)
(let ((ncase (read i))
(a (read i))
(b (read i)))
(catch 'solve-exit
(dotimes (caseno ncase)
(solve-case-stupid a b i o)))))
(defconstant xmin -1000000000)
(defconstant xmax 1000000000)
(defconstant ymin -1000000000)
(defconstant ymax 1000000000)
(defun solve-case-stupid (a b i o)
(do ((y -5 (+ y 1)))
((> y 5))
(do ((x -5 (+ x 1)))
((> x 5))
(format o "~D ~D~%" x y)
(finish-output o)
(let ((response (read-line i)))
(when (string= response "CENTER") (return-from solve-case-stupid t))))))
(defun solve-case (a b i o)
;; First, let's find an arbitrary spot on the circle as fast as possible
(do ((y (+ ymin a) (+ y a)))
((> y (- ymax a)))
(do ((x (+ xmin a) (+ x a)))
((> x (- xmax a)))
(format o "~D ~D~%" x y)
(finish-output o)
(let ((response (read-line i)))
(cond ((string= response "CENTER") (return-from solve-case t)) ;we're done!
((string= response "HIT")
(warn "HIT: ~D ~D" x y)
(return-from solve-case (solve-case-1 b i o x y)))
((string= response "MISS"))
(t (error "Unexpected answer")))))))
(defun solve-case-1 (b i o x y)
(let ((in-vec (vector x x y y)))
(do ((inc b (ash inc -1)))
((= inc 0) (solve-case-2 i o in-vec x y))
(dotimes (dir 4)
(multiple-value-bind (vary new-x new-y)
(ecase dir
((0) (values (max xmin (- (aref in-vec 0) inc)) (max xmin (- (aref in-vec 0) inc)) 0))
((1) (values (min xmax (+ (aref in-vec 1) inc)) (min xmax (+ (aref in-vec 1) inc)) 0))
((2) (values (max ymin (- (aref in-vec 2) inc)) 0 (max ymin (- (aref in-vec 2) inc))))
((3) (values (min ymax (+ (aref in-vec 3) inc)) 0 (min ymax (+ (aref in-vec 3) inc)))))
(format o "~D ~D~%" new-x new-y)
(finish-output o)
(let ((response (read-line i)))
(warn " ~D ~D => ~A" new-x new-y response)
(cond ((string= response "CENTER") (return-from solve-case-1 t))
((string= response "HIT") (setf (aref in-vec dir) vary)))))))))
(defun solve-case-2 (i o in-vec x y)
(guess-center i o
(aref in-vec 0) y
(aref in-vec 1) y
x (aref in-vec 2)
x (aref in-vec 3)))
(defun guess-center (i o x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 x4 y4)
(error "To Be Implemented"))
(setq *trace-output* *error-output*)
(trace solve-case-1)