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(ns amiss.core)
;; overarching TODO
;; -- naming conventions: player or current?
(defonce court
{:princess 8
:minister 7
:general 6
:wizard 5
:priestess 4
:knight 3
:clown 2
:soldier 1})
(defonce full-deck
(repeat 2 :wizard)
(repeat 2 :priestess)
(repeat 2 :knight)
(repeat 2 :clown)
(repeat 5 :soldier)]))
(defn player []
"A player object containing a hand, last card played, knowledge of other players, and knowledge of the deck."
{:active true
:hand '()
:discard '()
:last-played nil
:deck-knowledge {}
:player-knowledge []})
;; DEBUG ;;
(defonce is-dev? true)
(defn omni [s & args] (if is-dev? (println (apply (partial format (str "[Omniscience] " s)) args)) identity))
(defn announce [s & args] (println (apply (partial format (str "[Game] " s)) args)))
(defn omni-state [state] (when is-dev? (print "\n[Omniscience] Current game state: " state "\n\n") state))
(defn remove-first [coll item] (let [sp (split-with (partial not= item) coll)] (concat (first sp) (rest (second sp)))))
(defn add-card [coll card] (conj coll card))
(defn remove-card [coll card] (remove-first coll card))
(defn seq-contains? [coll card] (boolean (some #(= % card) coll)))
(defn delete-element [v pos] (vec (concat (subvec v 0 pos) (subvec v (inc pos)))))
(defn compare-cards [card-a card-b]
"Compares two court cards: a=b => nil, a>b => true, a<b => false."
(let [a (court card-a)
b (court card-b)]
((comp {-1 false 0 nil 1 true} compare) a b)))
(defn cards-higher-than [card]
"Get a list of all cards with a greater value than a certain card."
(let [card-value (court card)]
(filter #(< card-value (court %)) (keys court))))
(defn get-active [state]
"Determine the players still playing."
(let [players (state :players)]
(keep #(if ((players %) :active) %) (range (count players)))))
(defn all-but-player [state player-id]
"Return all player IDs except the indicated player."
(let [players (state :players)]
(remove #{player-id} (vec (get-active state)))))
(defn game-over? [state]
"Check the board for winning state, i.e. only one person left active or the deck is empty after all cards have been played."
(let [players (state :players)
current-id (state :current-player)
current (players current-id)]
(or (= 1 (count (get-active state)))
(and (= 0 (count (state :deck))) (= 1 (count (current :hand)))))))
;; These are used in card powers.
(declare remove-player)
(declare draw-card)
(declare discard-card)
(declare remove-deck-knowledge)
(declare add-player-knowledge)
(declare remove-player-knowledge)
(declare swap-player-knowledge)
(declare pick-card-to-play)
; 8 - Princess - PASSIVE
(defn check-princess [state]
"(Princess's Power) If you discard the princess, you're out of the round."
(let [players (state :players)
out-player (first (mapcat (fn [i m] (if (and (< -1 (.indexOf (m :discard) :princess)) (m :active)) [i])) (range) players))]
(cond-> state
(not= nil out-player) (remove-player out-player))))
; 7 - Minister - PASSIVE
(defn check-minister [state]
"(Minister's Power) Check if the current player has the minister and 12 or more points in their hand. If so, that player is out of the round."
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
p ((state :players) current-id)
hand (p :hand)
has-minister? (< -1 (.indexOf hand :minister))
hand-12? (< 11 (reduce + 0 (map court hand)))]
(if (and has-minister? hand-12?)
(remove-player state current-id)
; 6 - General - ACTION
(defn swap-hands [state target-id]
"(General's Power) Player A and player B swap hands."
(let [players (state :players)
current-id (state :current-player)
current (players current-id)
target (players target-id)
current-hand (current :hand)
target-hand (target :hand)]
(if (= current-id target-id)
(announce "Player %d passes his turn." current-id)
(announce "Player %d and player %d swap hands." (state :current-player) target-id)
(-> state
(assoc-in [:players current-id :hand] target-hand)
(assoc-in [:players target-id :hand] current-hand)
(swap-player-knowledge current-id target-id)
(add-player-knowledge current-id target-id current-hand)
(add-player-knowledge target-id current-id target-hand))))))
; 5 - Wizard - ACTION - Can target self.
(defn discard-draw [state target-id]
"(Wizard's Power) Target player discards his hand and draws a new one."
(let [p ((state :players) target-id)
card (first (p :hand))]
(announce "Player %d targets player %d." (state :current-player) target-id)
(cond-> state
true (discard-card target-id card)
(not= card :princess) (draw-card target-id))))
; 4 - Priestess - PASSIVE
(defn has-barrier? [state player-id]
"(Priestess's Power) Player cannot be targeted."
(let [p ((state :players) player-id)
last-played (p :last-played)]
(= last-played :priestess)))
; 3 - Knight - ACTION
(defn compare-hands [state target-id]
"(Knight's Power) The player chooses a player, and they compare their hands. The lesser one is out of the round."
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
current (players current-id)
target (players target-id)
current-hand (first (current :hand))
target-hand (first (target :hand))
comparison (compare-cards current-hand target-hand)]
(if (= current-id target-id)
(announce "Player %d passes his turn." current-id)
(announce "Player %d and player %d compare hands.." current-id target-id)
;; a > b => true, a < b => false, tie = nil
;; We know the player had a higher card than the target, everyone gets that information.
(= true comparison) (-> state
(remove-player target-id)
((partial reduce (fn [s v] (add-player-knowledge s current-id v (cards-higher-than target-hand)))) (all-but-player state current-id)))
;; We know the target had a higher card than the player; everyone gets this information.
(= false comparison) (-> state
(remove-player current-id)
((partial reduce (fn [s v] (add-player-knowledge s target-id v (cards-higher-than current-hand)))) (all-but-player state target-id)))
;; If they tie, we know they're the same! TODO as this could get really difficult
:else (-> state))))))
; 2 - Clown - ACTION
(defn reveal-hand [state target-id]
"(Clown's Power) Player reveals his hand to another player."
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
target (players target-id)
target-hand (target :hand)]
(if (= current-id target-id)
;; If the player has to choose herself, nothing happens.
(announce "Player %d passes his turn." current-id)
;; Otherwise, the current player gets extra information!
(announce "Player %d targets player %d and looks at his hand." current-id target-id)
(add-player-knowledge state current-id target-id target-hand)))))
; 1 - Soldier - ACTION
(defn guess-card [state target-id guess]
"(Soldier's Power) If the target player has the guessed card, that player is out of the round."
(let [players (state :players)
p (players target-id)
current-id (state :current-player)
hand (first (p :hand))]
(if (= current-id target-id)
(announce "Player %d passes his turn." current-id)
(announce "Player %d guesses that player %d is %s." current-id target-id guess)
(if (= guess hand)
;; Everyone learns something about the deck when the player discards in remove-player.
(do (announce "Player %d was correct!" current-id)
(-> state
(remove-player target-id)))
;; Otherwise, we learn that the person could be anyone in the deck MINUS the guess.
(do (announce "Player %d is not a %s!" target-id guess)
(-> state
((partial reduce (fn [s v] (remove-player-knowledge s v target-id (list guess)))) (all-but-player state target-id)))))))))
(defn court-action [state played-card target guess]
(condp = played-card
:princess state
:minister state
:general (swap-hands state target)
:wizard (discard-draw state target)
:priestess state
:knight (compare-hands state target)
:clown (reveal-hand state target)
:soldier (guess-card state target guess)))
(defn burn-card [state]
"Remove the top card from the deck and save it to the game state."
(let [deck (state :deck)]
(assoc state :burned-card (first deck) :deck (rest deck))))
(defn draw-card [state player-id]
"Player draws the top card from the deck."
(let [deck (state :deck)
deck-empty? (= 0 (count deck))
burned-card (state :burned-card)
card (if deck-empty? burned-card (first (take 1 deck)))
p ((state :players) player-id)
hand (add-card (p :hand) card)
new-deck (drop 1 deck)]
(announce "Player %d draws a card." player-id)
(omni "Player %d drew %s (hand is now %s)." player-id card (apply str hand))
(cond-> state
true (assoc-in [:players player-id :hand] hand)
true (assoc :deck new-deck)
true (remove-deck-knowledge player-id card)
true ((partial reduce (fn [s v] (remove-player-knowledge s player-id v (list card)))) (all-but-player state player-id))
deck-empty? (assoc :burned-card nil))))
(defn next-turn [state]
"Moves to the next player's turn."
(let [players (state :players)
current-id (state :current-player)
next-id (mod (inc current-id) (count players))
next-player (players next-id)]
(cond-> (assoc state :current-player next-id)
true (assoc :phase 0)
(not (next-player :active)) next-turn)))
(defn discard-card [state player-id card]
"Discards a card."
(let [players (state :players)
p (players player-id)
hand (p :hand)
discard (p :discard)]
(announce "Player %d discards %s." player-id card)
(-> state
(assoc-in [:players player-id :hand] (remove-card hand card))
(assoc-in [:players player-id :discard] (add-card discard card))
((partial reduce (fn [s v] (remove-deck-knowledge s v card))) (all-but-player state player-id))
;; Remove from everyone's knowledge of every player
((partial reduce (fn [s v]
(reduce (fn [t w] (if (not= v w) (remove-player-knowledge t v w (list card)) t)) s (get-active s)))) (all-but-player state player-id)))))
(defn discard-hand [state player-id]
"Discards the entire hand."
(let [p ((state :players) player-id)
hand (p :hand)
discard (p :discard)]
(reduce (fn [s card] (discard-card s player-id card)) state hand)))
(defn random-card [state]
"Pick a random card from your hand to play (except the princess)."
(let [players (state :players)
current-id (state :current-player)
current-player (players current-id)
hand (current-player :hand)
target-id (rand-nth (all-but-player state current-id))
target-knowledge ((current-player :player-knowledge) target-id)
guess (rand-nth (keys (filter #(< 0 (second %)) target-knowledge)))]
(if (some #(= :princess %) hand)
(list (first (filter #(not= :princess %) hand)) target-id guess)
(list (rand-nth hand) target-id guess))))
(defn play-card [state & {:keys [played-card target-id guess]}]
"Current player plays the provided card, or a random one if none provided."
(let [player-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players player-id)
play-tuple (pick-card-to-play state)
card (nth play-tuple 0)
target-id (nth play-tuple 1)
guess (nth play-tuple 2)]
(-> state
(assoc-in [:players player-id :last-played] card)
(discard-card player-id card)
(court-action card target-id guess))))
(defn remove-player [state player-id]
"A player is removed from the round."
(announce "Player %d is out of the round." player-id)
(-> state
(discard-hand player-id)
((partial reduce (fn [s v] (assoc-in s [:players v :player-knowledge player-id] {}))) (all-but-player state player-id))
(assoc-in [:players player-id :active] false)))
(defn final-summary [state]
"Calculates & congratulates the winners!"
(let [players (state :players)
finalists (mapcat (fn [i m] (if (m :active) [i])) (range) players)
finalists-hands (map #(court (first ((players %) :hand))) finalists)
highest-value (first (reverse (sort finalists-hands)))
finalists-combined (zipmap finalists finalists-hands)
winners-prelim (keys (filter #(= highest-value (second %)) finalists-combined))
_ (println winners-prelim)
;; Tie breaking
winners-discard-sum (map #(reduce + 0 (map court ((players %) :discard))) winners-prelim)
_ (println winners-discard-sum)
highest-discard-sum (first (reverse (sort winners-discard-sum)))
winners-combined (zipmap winners-prelim winners-discard-sum)
;; TODO winners = winners-prelim if original, otherwise what we have here
winners (keys (filter #(= highest-discard-sum (second %)) winners-combined))]
(if (< 1 (count winners))
(announce "The following players have tied: %s" (clojure.string/join ", " winners))
(announce "The winner is player %d!" (first winners))
(defn check-end-game [state]
"Checks to see if the game should end."
(if (game-over? state)
(-> (assoc state :status :over))
(defn next-phase [state]
"Moves on to the next phase of a turn."
(let [phase (mod (inc (state :phase)) 3)]
(assoc state :phase phase)))
(defn play [state]
"Perform the next step in a player's turn. Iterating over this function drives game play."
(let [phase (state :phase)
current (state :current-player)
updated-state (-> state check-minister check-princess check-end-game)
players (updated-state :players)
current-active? ((players current) :active)
over? (game-over? updated-state)]
;; If the game's over, there's nothing to be done!
over? updated-state
;; If the current player is out of the round, move on to the next turn.
(not current-active?) (-> updated-state next-turn)
;; Otherwise, perform the proper action for the phase
(= phase 0) (-> updated-state (draw-card current) next-phase)
(= phase 1) (-> updated-state play-card next-phase)
(= phase 2) (-> updated-state next-turn))))
(defn initialize-knowledge [state]
(let [players (state :players)
num-players (count players)]
(-> state
(assoc :players (vec (map
;; Players start out having no knowledge of the deck or of other players.
#(assoc %
:deck-knowledge (frequencies full-deck)
:player-knowledge (vec (repeat num-players (frequencies full-deck))))
(defn remove-deck-knowledge [state player-id card]
"Remove a known card from a player's deck knowledge."
(let [players (state :players)
p (players player-id)
deck-knowledge (p :deck-knowledge)]
;; (omni "Removing %s from player %d's deck knowledge." card player-id)
(-> state
(assoc-in [:players player-id :deck-knowledge card] (dec (deck-knowledge card))))))
;; Given what you know about a player, what are the probabilities of what is in her hand?
(defn card-probabilities [player-knowledge]
"Calculate the probabilities of what is in a player's hand, given knowledge about it."
;; sum up all cards in hand, divide by total
(let [total (reduce (fn [sum card] (+ sum (player-knowledge card))) 0 (keys player-knowledge))]
(into {} (for [[k v] player-knowledge] [k (if (= 0 total) 0 (/ v total))]))))
;; Should the player play a soldier?
(defn play-soldier? [state]
;; Get all the other players' probabilities, sort by highest probability, if >0.50
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
hand (p :hand)
all-player-knowledge (p :player-knowledge)
all-probabilities (vec (map card-probabilities all-player-knowledge))]
(if (seq-contains? hand :soldier)
(first (filter some? (map (fn [target] (let [probs (dissoc (nth all-probabilities target) :soldier)
top-prob-map (into (sorted-map-by (fn [k1 k2] (>= (probs k1) (probs k2)))) probs)]
(if (< 0.5 (val (first top-prob-map)))
(list :soldier target (key (first top-prob-map))))))
(all-but-player state current-id)))))))
(defn play-clown? [state]
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
hand (p :hand)]
(if (seq-contains? hand :clown)
;; TODO: Choose the person we know the least about (sort by highest sum of all probabilities)
(list :clown (first (all-but-player state current-id)) nil)
(defn play-knight? [state]
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
hand (p :hand)]
(if (and (seq-contains? hand :knight))
;; TODO: Choose the person we are surest about having a higher card than (sort by sum of probabilities < other card in our hand)
(list :knight (first (all-but-player state current-id)) nil)
;; TODO: priestess if there are lots of soldiers (can just check in deck)
;; knights are out there (can just check in deck) and your other card is low
;; someone clowned you & you just drew a priestess
(defn play-priestess? [state]
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
hand (p :hand)]
(if (and (seq-contains? hand :priestess))
(list :priestess nil nil)
;; TODO: if you know someone has the princess if you can
;; wizard someone who likely has a higher card than your other card
;; wizard yourself if you have a low card late in the game & higher cards exist in deck?
(defn play-wizard? [state]
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
hand (p :hand)]
(if (and (seq-contains? hand :wizard))
(list :wizard (first (all-but-player state current-id)) nil)
;; TODO: general: keep if 7+8 are out.
;; exchange if >x soldiers exist & you have princess?
(defn play-general? [state]
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
hand (p :hand)]
(if (and (seq-contains? hand :general))
(list :general (first (all-but-player state current-id)) nil)
;; TODO: play minister if there are lots of 5+ cards left in the deck
;; don't play near the end of the game (> # player cards left)
(defn play-minister? [state]
(let [current-id (state :current-player)
players (state :players)
p (players current-id)
deck-knowledge (p :deck-knowledge)
hand (p :hand)]
(if (and (seq-contains? hand :minister)
(< (count players) (count deck-knowledge))
(< 3 (reduce + 0 (vals (filter #(< 4 (court (first %))) deck-knowledge))))
(list :minister nil nil)
;; Using the information we have, which card should I play?
;; returns (card-to-play target guess)
(defn pick-card-to-play [state]
(reduce (fn [_ f] (let [x (f state)] (if (nil? x) nil (reduced x)))) nil
[;; Attack priority
;; Utility priority
;; Fallback: random card
(defn knowledge? [state player-id target-id]
"Does the player have knowledge on the target?"
(let [players (state :players)
p (players player-id)
target-knowledge (nth (p :player-knowledge) target-id)]
(not= nil (some #(not= 0 %) target-knowledge))))
(defn reset-player-knowledge [state player-id target-id]
"A player could have anything in the deck."
(let [players (state :players)
p (players player-id)
deck-knowledge (p :deck-knowledge)]
(assoc-in state [:players player-id :player-knowledge target-id] deck-knowledge)))
(defn check-player-knowledge [state player-id target-id]
"Reset the player's knowledge if necessary."
;; (omni "Does player %d have knowledge of %d? %s -- %s" player-id target-id (knowledge? state player-id target-id) (nth (((state :players) player-id) :player-knowledge) target-id))
(if-not (knowledge? state player-id target-id)
(reset-player-knowledge state player-id target-id)
(defn add-player-knowledge [state player-id target-id cards]
"Add information about the target player to the player's knowledge. We can also remove a card from the deck knowledge if it's a single card."
(let [players (state :players)
p (players player-id)
deck-knowledge (p :deck-knowledge)
all-player-knowledge (p :player-knowledge)
target-knowledge (all-player-knowledge target-id)]
(assoc-in state [:players player-id :player-knowledge target-id]
(into {} (for [[k v] target-knowledge]
[k (if (seq-contains? cards k) v 0)])))))
(defn remove-player-knowledge [state player-id target-id cards]
"Remove information about the player."
(let [players (state :players)
current-id (state :current-player)
current (players current-id)
was-soldier? (= (current :last-played) :soldier)
p (players player-id)
target-knowledge ((p :player-knowledge) target-id)
deck-knowledge (p :deck-knowledge)]
;; (omni "Removing %s from player %d's knowledge of player %d." cards player-id target-id)
;; (omni "Target knowledge: %s" (target-knowledge (first cards)))
(cond-> state
;; The target player played a card. If the player thought that they could have had that card, reset knowledge. If it was 0, do nothing.
(and (= 1 (count cards)) (= target-id current-id) (< 0 (target-knowledge (first cards)))) (assoc-in [:players player-id :player-knowledge target-id] deck-knowledge)
;; Soldier was played.
(and (= 1 (count cards)) (not= target-id current-id) was-soldier?) (assoc-in [:players player-id :player-knowledge target-id (first cards)] 0)
;; The current player drew a card.
(and (= 1 (count cards)) (not= target-id current-id) (not was-soldier?)) (assoc-in [:players player-id :player-knowledge target-id (first cards)] (max 0 (dec (target-knowledge (first cards)))))
;; A range of cards, so a knight was played.
(< 1 (count cards)) (assoc-in [:players player-id :player-knowledge target-id]
(into {} (for [[k v] target-knowledge]
[k (if (seq-contains? cards k) 0 v)])))
;; true omni-state
true (check-player-knowledge player-id target-id))))
(defn swap-player-knowledge [state a-id b-id]
"Swap the knowledge everyone has about a and b."
(let [players (state :players)]
(reduce (fn [s v]
(let [p (players v)
knowledge (p :player-knowledge)
a-knowledge (knowledge a-id)
b-knowledge (knowledge b-id)]
(-> s
(assoc-in [:players v :player-knowledge a-id] b-knowledge)
(assoc-in [:players v :player-knowledge b-id] a-knowledge))))
(range (count players)))))
(defn start-game [num-players rule-set]
{:pre [(< 1 num-players 5)
(or (= rule-set :original) (= rule-set :tempest))]}
"Start a new game of 2-4 players! Shuffle, burn a card, then deal to the number of players."
(let [deck (shuffle full-deck)
state {:status :begin
:phase 0
:current-player 0
:rule-set rule-set
:players (vec (take num-players (repeatedly player)))
:deck deck}
players (state :players)]
(announce "A new game of %d players using the %s ruleset begins." num-players rule-set)
(-> state
((partial reduce draw-card) (range num-players))
(assoc :status :playing))))
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