Script tp migrate DNN Active Forums to DNN YAF.Net Forum
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Active Forums to YAF.Net Migration

Script to migrate DNN Active Forums to DNN YAF.Net Forum

© Sebastian Leupold, dnnWerk 2016.

Latest version is available on GitHub.

This Script is provided "as is" with no liabilities or guarantees.

What will be migrated?

  • AF Module → YAF.Net Board
  • AF ForumGroups → YAF.Net Categories
  • AF Forums → YAF.Net Forums
  • AF Threads → YAF.Net Topics
  • AF Topics & Replies → YAF.Net Messages
  • AF Attachments → YAF.Net Attachments
  • AF Notifications → YAF.Net Forum & Topic Watches
  • DNN Users with forum posts → YAF.Net Users
  • DNN Roles with AF module permission → YAF.Net Groups & Roles

What will not be migrated?

  • Permissions and a number of settings for forums and forum groups
  • Messages (if you are still using AF Messages, I suggest migrating it to Core Messages)
  • YAF.Net does not support forums for DNN Social Groups, i.e. those AF forum modules cannot be migrated atm!
  • Data from Polls


  • You need to have DNN with Active Forums installed (V 5.0+).
  • You need to have YAF.Net DNN module installed, using default database objet qualifier "yaf_".
  • Make sure, there are no open polls, because those will not be copied over.
  • You should inform your users to dismiss all notification messages, as they will get lost during migration.
  • You need to have Yaf.Net module placed on a page and configured it to create board #1. This board with first category and first forum will be used as a template for imported data. If you prefere to use a different board, you need to modify the migration script.

Performing a Migration

Please make sure you start with a database backup!!!

  • Please make sure you are using latest version of the migration script from GitHub.

  • In Host > SQL, run ListModules.sql to get a list of migratable AF moduleIds. Enter the preferred moduleID into MigrateForums.sql

  • Execute script MigrateForums.sql in Host > SQL or SSMS

  • to get AF file attachements being displayed and provided for download, you need to copy manually the files from portals[PortalID]\activeforums_Upload folder to folder \DesktopModules\YetAnotherForumDotNet\uploads and append ".yafupload" to each file name.

  • Afterwards add a new YAF.Net DNN module instance to a page and select highest existing Board to be displayed. Enter Board administration and review/adjust permissions and settings for board, forums and forum groups.

  • Inform your users about the migration and tell them to review their forum settings.

Known issues

Script not finished yet - work in progress:

  • datetime values need to be converted to UTC
  • not yet tested