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Numbers refer to tracker IDs:
---------------- VERSION 4.0.0 --------------
New Features:
- Added multithreaded support
- Added C++ wrapper classes
- Added JNI bindings / Java data model classes
- 3314047: Added utf8-specific versions of 'toid' methods for img,vs,fs types
- 3184429: More consistent printing of unset times (all zerso instead of 1970)
- New database design that allows for multiple images in the same database
- GPT volume system tries other sector sizes if first attempt fails.
- Added hash calculation and lookup to AutoDB and JNI.
- Upgraded SQLite to 3.7.9.
- Added Framework in (windows-only)
- EnCase hash support
- Libewf v2 support (it is now non-beta)
- First file in a raw split or E01 can be specified and the rest of the files
are found.
- mactime displays times as 0 if the time is not set (isntead of 1970)
Bug Fixes:
- Relaxed checking when conflict exists between DOS and GPT partitions.
Had a Mac image that was failing to resolve which partition table
to use.
---------------- VERSION 3.2.3 --------------
New Features:
- new TskAuto method (handleNotification()) that gets verbose messages that allow for debugging when the class makes decisions.
- DOS partitions are loaded even if an extended partition fails to load
- new TskAuto::findFilesInFs(TSK_FS_INFO *) method
- Need to only specify first E01 file and the rest are found
- Changed docs license to non-commercial
- Unicode conversion routines fix invalid UTF-16 text during conversion
- Added '-d' to tsk_recover to specify directory to recover
Bug Fixes:
- Added check to fatfs_open to compare first sectors of FAT if we used backup boot sector and verify it is FAT32.
- More checks to make sure that FAT short names are valid ASCII
- 3406523: Mactime size sanity check
- 3393960: hfind reading of Windows input file
- 3316603: Error reading last blocks of RAW CD images
- Fixed bugs in how directories and files were detected in TskAuto
---------------- VERSION 3.2.2 --------------
Bug Fixes
- 3213886: ISO9660 directory hole not advancing
- 3173095 contd: Updated checks so that tougher FAT checks are
applied to deleted directories.
- 3303678: Image type in Sqlite DB is now not always 0
- 3303679: Deleted FAT files have more name cleanup in short names
New Features:
- 3213888: RAW CD format
- Auto class accepts TSK_IMG_INFO as argument
- Copies of split image file names are stored in TSK so that the caller can free them before TSK_IMG_INFO is freed.
---------------- VERSION 3.2.1 --------------
Bug Fixes
- 3108272: fls arguments for -d and -u
- 3105539: compile error issues because of SQlite and pthreads
- 3173095: missing FAT files because of invalid dates.
- 3184419: mingew compile errors.
- 3191391: surround file name in quotes in mactime -d csv output
New Features:
- A single dummy entry is added to the SQlite DB if no volume exists
so that all programs can assume that there will be at least one
volume in the table.
- 3184455: allow srcdir != builddir
---------------- VERSION 3.2.0 --------------
Bug Fixes
- 3043092: Minor logic errors with ifind code.
- FAT performance fix when looking for parent directories
in $OrphanFiles.
- 3052302: Crash on NTFS/UFS detection test because of
corrupt data -- tsk_malloc error.
- 3088447: Error adding attribute because of run collision.
Solved by assigning unique IDs.
New Features:
- 3012324: Name mangling moved out of library into outer tools
so that they can see control characters if they want to. Patch
by Anthony Lawrence.
- 2993806: ENUM values have a specified NONE value if you don't
want to specify any special flags. Patch by Anthony Lawrence.
- 3026989: Add -e and -s flags to img_cat. patch by Simson Garfinkel.
- 2941805: Add case sensitive flag to fsstat in HFS. Patch by Rob Joyce.
- 3017764: Changed how default NTFS $DATA attribute was named. Now it
has no name, while it previously had a fake name of "$Data".
- New TskAuto class.
- New tsk_loaddb, tsk_recover, tsk_comparedir, and tsk_gettimes tools.
---------------- VERSION 3.1.3 --------------
Bug Fixes
- 3006733: FAT directory listings were slow because the inner
code was not stopping when it found the parent directory.
- Adjusted sanity / testing code on FAT directory entries to allow
non-ascii in extensions and reject entries with lots of 0s.
- 3023606: Ext2 / ffs corrupted file names.
- Applied NTFS SID fixes from Mandiant.
- ntfs_load_secure() memory leak patch from Michael Cohen
---------------- VERSION 3.1.2 --------------
Bug Fixes
- 2982426: FAT directory listings were slow because the entire
image was being scanned for parent directory information.
- 2982965: fs_attr length bug fix.
- 2988619: mmls -B display error.
- 2988330: ntfs SII cluster size increment bug
- 2991487: Zeroed content in NTFS files that were not fully intialized.
- 2993767: Slow FAT listings of OrphanFiles because hunt for parent
directory resulted in many searches for OrphanFiles. Added cache
of OrphanFiles.
- 2999567: ifind was not stopping after first hit.
- 2993804: read past end of file did not always return -1.
---------------- VERSION 3.1.1 --------------
Bug Fixes
- 2954703: ISO9660 missing files because duplicate files
had same starting block.
- 2954707: ISO9660 missing some files with zero length and
duplicate starting block. Also changed behavior of how
multiple volume descriptors are processed.
- 2955898: Orphan files not found if no deleted file names exist.
- 2955899: NTFS internal setting of USED flag.
- 2972721: Sorter fails with hash lookup if '-l' is given.
- 2941813: Reverse HFS case sensitive flags (internal fix only)
- 2954448: Debian package typo fixes, etc.
- 2975245: sorter ignores realloc entries to reduce misleading mismatch entries and duplicate entries.
---------------- VERSION 3.1.0 --------------
New Features and Changes
- 2206285: HFS+ can now be read. Lots of tracker items about this.
Thanks to Rob Joyce and ATC-NY for many of the patches and reports.
- 2677069: DOS Safety Partitions in GPT Volume Systems are better
detected instead of reporting multiple VSs.
- Windows executables can be build in Visual Studio w/out needing
other image format libraries.
- 2367426: Uninitialized file space is shown if slack space is
- 2677107 All image formats supported by AFFLIB can be accessed by
specifying the "afflib" type.
- 2206265: sigfind can now process non-raw files.
- 2206331: Indirect block addresses are now available in the library
and command line tools. They are stored in a different attribute.
- Removed 'docs' files and moved them to the wiki.
- Removed disk_stat and disk_sreset because they were out of date
and hdparm now has the same functionality.
- 2874854: Image layer tools now support non-512 byte device sector
sizes. Users can specify sector size using the -b argument to the
command line tools. This has several consequences:
-- 'mmls -b' is now 'mmls -B'. Similarly with istat -b.
-- Changed command line format for '-o' so that sector size is
specified only via -b and not using '-o 62@4096'.
- 2874852: Sanity checking on partition table entires is relaxed
and only first couple of partitions are checked to make sure that
they can fit into the image.
- 2895607: NTFS SID data is available in the library and 'istat'.
- 2206341: AFF encrypted images now give more proper error message
if password is not given.
- 2351426: mactime is now distributed with Windows execs.
Developer-level Changes
- Abstracted name comparison to file system-specific function.
- Added support in mactime to read body files with comment lines.
- 2596153: Changed img_open arguments, similar to getopt().
- 2797169: tsk_fs_make_ls is now supported as an external library
function. Now named tsk_fs_meta_make_ls.
- 2908510: Nanosecond resolution of timestamps is now available.
- 2914255: Version info is now available in .h files in both string
and integer form.
Bug Fixes:
- 2568528: incorrect adjustment of attribute FILLER offset.
- 2596397: Incorrect date sorting in mactime.
- 2708195: Errors when doing long reads in fragmented attributes.
- Fixed typo bugs in sorter (reported via e-mail by Drew Hunt).
- 2734458: added orphan cache map to prevent slow NTFS listing times.
- 2655831: Sorter now knows about the ext2 and ext3 types.
- 2725799: ifind not converting UTF16 names properly on Windows
because it was using endian ordering of file system and not local
- 2662168: warning messages on macs when reading the raw character
- 2778170: incorrect read size on resident attributes.
- 2777633: missing second resolution on FAT creation times.
- Added the READ_SHARE option to the CreateFile command for split
image files. Patch by Christopher Siwy.
- 2786963: NTFS compression infinite loop fix.
- 2645156: FAT / blkls error getting slack because allocsize was
being set too small (and other values were not being reset).
- 2367426: Zeros are set for VDL slack on NTFS files.
- 2796945: Inifite loop in fs_attr.
- 2821031: Missing fls -m fields.
- 2840345: Extended DOS partitions in extended partitions are now
marked as Meta.
- 2848162: Reading attributes at offsets that are on boundary of
run fragment.
- 2824457: Fixed issue reading last block of file system with blkcat.
- 2891285: Fixed issue that prevented reads from the last block of
a file system when using the POSIX-style API.
- 2825690: Fixed issue that prevented blkls -A from working.
- 2901365: Allow FAT files to have a 0 wdate.
- 2900761: Added FAT directory sanity checks to prevent infinite loops.
- 2895607: Fixed various memory leaks.
- 2907248: Fixed image layer cache crash.
- 2905750: all file system read() functions now return -1 when
offset given is past end of file.
---------------- VERSION 3.0.1 --------------
11/11/08: Bug Fix: Fixed crashing bug in ifind on FAT file system.
Bug: 2265927
11/11/08: Bug Fix: Fixed crashing bug in istat on ExtX $OrphanFiles
dir. Bug: 2266104
11/26/08: Update: Updated fls man page.
11/30/08: Update: Removed TODO file and using tracker for bugs and
feature requests.
12/29/08: Bug Fix: Fixed incorrectly setting block status in file_walk
for compressed files (Bug: 2475246)
12/29/08: Bug Fix: removed fs_info field from FS_META because it
was not being set and should have been removed in 3.0. Reported by
Rob Joyce and Judson Powers.
12/29/08: Bug Fix: orphan files and NTFS files found via parent
directory have an unknown file name type (instead of being equal
to meta type). (Bug: 2389901). Reported by Barry Grundy.
1/12/09: Bug Fix: Fixed ISO9660 bug where large directory contents
were not displayed. (Bug: 2503552). Reported by Tom Black.
1/24/09: Bug Fix: Fixed bug 2534449 where extra NTFS files were
shown if the MFT address was changed to 0 because fs_dir_add was
checking the address and name. Reported by Andy Bontoft.
1/29/09: Update: Fixed fix for bug 2534449. The fix is in ifind
instead of fs_dir_add().
2/2/09: Update: Added RPM spec file from Morgan Weetmam.
---------------- VERSION 3.0.0 --------------
0/00/00: Update: Many, many, many API changes.
2/14/08: Update: Added mmcat tool.
2/26/08: Update: Added flags to mmls to specify partition types.
3/1/08: Update: Major update of man pages.
4/14/08: Bug Fix: Fixed the calculation of "actual" last block.
Off by 1 error. Reported by steve.
5/23/08: Bug Fix: Incorrect malloc return check in srch_strings.
reported by Petri Latvala.
5/29/08: Bug Fix: Fixed endian ordering bug in ISO9660 code. Reported
by Eduardo Aguiar de Oliveira.
6/17/08: Update: 'sorter' now uses the ifind method for finding
deleted NTFS files (like Autopsy) does instead of relying on fls.
Reported by John Lehr.
6/17/08: Update: 'ifind -p' reports data on ADS.
7/10/08: Update: FAT looks for a backup boot sector in FAT32 if
magic is 0
7/21/08: Bug Fix: Changed define of strcasecmp to _stricmp instead
of _strnicmp in Windows. (reported by Darren Bilby).
7/21/08: Bug Fix: Fall back to open "\\.\" image files on Windows
with SHARE_WRITE access so that drive devices can be opened.
(reported by Darren Bilby).
8/20/08: Bug Fix: Look for Windows objects when opening files in
Cygwin, not just Win32. Reported by Par Osterberg Medina.
8/21/08: Update: Renamed library and install header files to have a '3'
in them to allow parallel installations of v2 and v3. Suggested by
Simson Garfinkel.
8/22/08: Update: Added -b option to sorter to specify minimum file size
to process. Suggested by Jeff Kell.
8/22/08: Update: Added libewf as a requirement to build win32 so that
E01 files are supported.
8/29/08: Update: Added initial mingw patches for cross compiling and
Windows. Patches by Michael Cohen.
9/X/08: Update: Added ability to access attibutes
9/6/08: Update: Added image layer cache.
9/12/08: Bug Fix: Fixed crash from incorrectly cleared value in FS_DIR
structure. Reported and patched by Jason Miller.
9/13/08: Update: Changed d* tool names to blk*.
9/17/08: Update: Finished mingw support so that both tools and
library work with Unicode file name support.
9/22/08: Update: Added new HFS+ code from Judson Powers and Rob Joyce (ATC-NY)
9/24/08: Bug Fix: Fixed some cygwin compile errors about types on Cygwin.
Reported by Phil Peacock.
9/25/08: Bug Fix: Added O_BINARY to open() in raw and split because Cygwin
was having problems. Reported by Mark Stam.
10/1/08: Update: Added ifndef to TSK_USE_HFS define to allow people
to define it on the command line. Patch by RB.
---------------- VERSION 2.52 --------------
2/12/08: Bug Fix: Fixed warning messages in mactime about non-Numeric
data. Reported by Pope.
2/19/08: Bug Fix: Added #define to tsk_base_i.h to define
LARGEFILE64_SOURCE based on LARGEFILE_SOURCE for older Linux systems.
2/20/08: Bug Fix: Updated afflib references and code.
3/13/08: Update: Added more fixes to auto* so that AFF will compile
on more systems. I have confirmed that AFFLIB 3.1.3 will run with
OS X 10.4.11.
3/14/08: Bug Fix: Added checks to FAT code that calcs size of
directories. If starting cluster of deleted dir points into a
cluster chain, then problems can occur. Reported by John Ward.
3/19/08: Update: I have verified that this compiles with libewf-20070512.
3/21/08: Bug Fix: Deleted Ext/FFS directories were not being recursed
into. This case was rare (because typically the metadata are
wiped), but possible. Reported by JWalker.
3/24/08: Update: I have verified that this compiles with libewf-20080322.
Updates from Joachim Metz.
3/26/08: Update: Changed some of the header file design for the tools
so that the define settings in tsk_config.h can be used (for large files).
3/28/08: Update: Added config.h reference to srch_strings to get the
LARGEFILE support.
4/5/08: Update: Improved inode argument number parsing function.
---------------- VERSION 2.51 --------------
1/30/08: Bug Fix: Fixed potential infinite loop in fls_lib.c. Patch
by Nathaniel Pierce.
2/7/08: Bug Fix: Defined some of the new constants that are used
in disktools because older Linux distros did not define them.
Reported by Russell Reynolds.
2/7/08: Bug Fix: Modified autoconf to check for large file build
requirements and look for new 48-bit structures needed by disktools.
Both of these were causing problems on older Linux distros.
2/7/08: Update: hfind will normalize hash values in database so
that they are case insensitive.
---------------- VERSION 2.50 --------------
12/19/07: Update: Finished upgrade to autotools building design. No
longer include file, afflib, libewf. Resulted in many source code layout
changes and sorter now searches for md5, sha1, etc.
---------------- VERSION 2.10 --------------
7/12/07: Update: 0s are returned for AFF pages that were not imaged.
7/31/07: Bug Fix: ifind -p could crash if a deleted file name was found
that did not point to a valid meta data stucture. (Reported by Andy Bontoft)
8/5/07: Update: Added NSRL support back into sorter.
8/15/07: Update: Errors are given if supplied sector offset is larger than
disk image. Reported by Simson Garfinkel.
8/16/07: Update: Renamed MD5 and SHA1 functions to TSK_MD5_.. and TSK_SHA_....
8/16/07: Update: tsk_error_get() does not reset the error messages.
9/26/07: Bug Fix: Changed FATFS check for valid dentries to consider
second values of 30. Reported by Alessandro Camillo.
10/18/07: Update: inode_walk for NTFS and FAT will not abort if
data corruption is found in one entry -- instead they will just
skip it.
10/18/07: Update: tsk_os.h uses standard gcc system names instead
of TSK specific ones.
10/18/07: Update: Updated raw.c to use ioctl commands on OS X to
get size of raw device because it does not work with SEEK_END.
Patch by Rob Joyce.
10/31/07: Update: Finished upgrade to fatfs_file_walk_off so that
walking can start at a specific offset. Also finished upgrade that
caches FAT run list to make the fatfs_file_walk_off more effecient.
11/14/07: Update: Fixed few places where off_t was being used
instead of OFF_T. Reported by GiHan Kim.
11/14/07: Update: Fixed a memory leak in aff.c to free AFF_INFO.
Reported by GiHan Kim.
11/24/07: Update: Finished review and update of ISO9660 code.
11/26/07: Bug Fix: Fixed 64-bit calculation in HFS+ code. Submitted
by Rob Joyce.
11/29/07: Update: removed linking of srch_strings.c and libtsk. Reported by
11/30/07: Upate: Made a #define TSK_USE_HFS compile flag for incorporating
the HFS support (flag is in src/fstools/fs_tools_i.h)
11/30/07: Update: restricted the FAT dentry sanity checks to verify
space padding in the name and latin-only extensions.
12/5/07: Bug Fix: fs_read_file_int had a bug that ignored the type passed
for NTFS files. Reported by Dave Collett.
12/12/07: Update: Changed teh FAT dentry sanity checks to allow spaces
in volume labels and do more checking on the attribute flag.
---------------- VERSION 2.09 --------------
4/6/07: Bug Fix: Inifite loop in ext2 and ffs istat code because of using
unsigned size_t variable. Reported by Makoto Shiotsuki.
4/16/07: Bug Fix: Changed use of fseek() to fseeko() in hashtools. Patch
by Andy Bontoft.
4/16/07: Bug Fix: Changed Win32 SetFilePointer to use LARGE_INTEGER.
Reported by Kim GiHan.
4/19/07: Bug Fix: Not all FAT orphan files were being found because of
and offset error.
4/26/07: Bug Fix: ils -O was not working (link value not being
checked). Reported by Christian Perst.
4/27/07: Bug Fix: ils -r was showing UNUSED inodes. Reported by
Christian Perst.
5/10/07: Update: Redefined the USED and UNUSED flags for NTFS so that
UNUSED is set when no attributes exist.
5/16/07: Bug Fix: Fixed several bounds checking bugs that may cause
a crash if the disk image is corrupt. Reported by Tim Newsham (iSec
5/17/07: Update: Updated AFFLIB to 2.2.11
5/17/07: Update: Updated libewf to libewf-20070512
5/17/07: Update: Updated file to 4.20
5/29/07: Update: Removed NTFS SID/SDS contributed code because it causes
crashes on some systems and its output is not entirely clear. (most recent bug
reported by Andy Scott)
6/11/07: Update: Updated AFFLIB to 2.2.12.
6/12/07: Bug Fix: ifind -p was not reporting back info on the allocated name
when one existed (because strtok was overwritting the name when the search
continued). Reported by Andy Bontoft.
6/13/07: Update: Updated file to 4.21
---------------- VERSION 2.08 --------------
12/19/06: Bug Fix: ifind_path was not setting *result when root inode
was searched for. patch by David Collett.
12/29/06: Update: Removed 'strncpy' in ntfs.c to manual assignment of
text for '$Data' and 'N/A' for performance reasons.
1/11/07: Update: Added duname to FS_INFO that contains a string of
name for a file system's data unit -- Cluster for example.
1/19/07: Bug Fix: ifind_path was returning an error even after some
files were found. Errors are now ignored if a file was found.
Reported by Michael Cohen.
1/26/07: Bug Fix: Fixed calcuation of inode numbers in fatfs.c
(reported by Simson Garfinkel).
2/1/07: Update: Changed aff-install to support symlinked directory.
2/1/07: Update: img_open modified so that it does not report errors for
s3:// and http:// files that do not exist.
2/5/07: Update: updated *_read() return values to look for "<0" instead of
simply "== -1". (suggested by Simson Garfinkel).
2/8/07: Update: removed typedef for uintptr in WIN32 code.
2/13/07: Update: Applied patch from Kim Kulak to update HFS+ code to internal
design changes.
2/16/07: Update: Renamed many of the external data structures and flags
so that they start with TSK_ or tsk_ to prevent name collisions.
2/16/07: Update: Moved MD5 and SHA1 routines and binaries to auxtools
instead of hashtools so that they are more easy to access.
2/16/07: Update: started redesign and port of hashtools.
2/21/07: Update: Changed inode_walk callback API to remove the flags
variable -- this was redundant since flags are also in TSK_FS_INODE.
Same for TSK_FS_DENT.
3/7/07: Bug Fix: fs_read_file failed for NTFS resident files. Reported
by Michael Cohen.
3/8/07: Bug Fix: FATFS assumed a 512-byte sector in a couple of locations.
3/13/07: Update: Finished hashtools update.
3/13/07: Update: dcat reads block by block instead of all at once.
3/23/07: Update: Change ntfs_load_secure to allocate all of its
needed memory at once instead of doing reallocs.
3/23/07: Update: Updated AFFLIB to 2.2.0
3/24/07: Bug Fix: Fixed many locations where return value from strtoull
was not being properly checked and therefore invalid numbers were not
being detected.
3/24/07: Bug Fix: A couple of error messages in ntfs_file_walk should
have been converted to _RECOVER when the _RECOVERY flag was given.
3/24/07: Update: Changed behavior of ntfs_file_walk. If no type is
given, then a default type is chosen for files and dirs. Now, no error
is generated if that type does not exist -- similar to how no error is
generated if a FAT file has 0 file size.
3/26/07: Update: cleaned up and documented fs_data code more.
3/29/07: Update: Updated AFF to 2.2.2.
3/29/07: Update: Updated install scripts for afflib, libewf, and file to
touch files so that the auto* files are in the correct time stamp order.
4/5/07: Bug Fix: Added sanity checks to offsets and addresses in ExtX and
UFS group descriptors. Reported by Simson Garfinkel.
---------------- VERSION 2.07 --------------
9/6/06: Update: Changed TCHAR and _T to TSK_TCHAR and _TSK_T to avoid
conflicts with other libraries.
9/18/06: Update: Added tsk_list_* functions and strutures.
9/18/06: Update: Added checks for recursive FAT directories.
9/20/06: Update: Changed FS_META_* flags for LINK and UNLINK and moved
them to ILS_? flags.
9/20/06: Update: added flags to ils to find only orphan inodes.
9/20/06: Update: Added Orphan support for FAT, NTFS, UFS, Ext2, ISO.
9/20/06: Update: File walk actions now have a flag to identify if a block
is SPARSE or not (used to identify if the address being passed is valid
or made up).
9/21/06: Update: Added file size sanity check to fatfs_is_dentry and
fixed assignment of fatfs->clustcnt.
9/21/06: Update: block_, inode, and dent_walk functions now do more flag
checking and make sure that some things are set instead of making the
calling code do it.
9/21/06: Update: Added checks for recursive (infinite loop) NTFS, UFS,
ExtX, and ISO9660 directories.
9/21/06: Update Added checks to make sure that walking the FAT for files
and directories would result in an infinite loop (if FAT is corrupt).
9/21/06: Update: Added -a and -A to dls to specify allocated and
unallocated blocks to display.
9/21/06: Update: Updated AFFLIB to 1.6.31.
9/22/06: Update: added a fs_read_file() function that allows you to read
random parts of a file.
10/10/06: Update: Improved performance of fs_read_file() and added
new FS_FLAG_META_COMP and FS_FLAG_DATA_COMP flags to show if a file
and data are using file system-level compression (NTFS only).
10/18/06: Bug fix: in fs_data_put_run, added a check to see
if the head was null before looking up. An extra error message
was being created for nothing.
10/18/06: Bug Fix: Added a check to the compression buffer
to see if it is null in _done().
10/25/06: Bug Fix: Added some more bounds checks to NTFS uncompression code.
11/3/06: Bug Fix: added check to dcat_lib in case the number of blocks
requested is too large.
11/07/06: Update: Added fs_read_file_noid wrapper around fs_read_file
11/09/06: Update: Updated AFF to 1.7.1
11/17/06: Update: Updated libewf to 20061008-1
11/17/06: Bug Fix: Fixed attribute lookup bug in fs_data_lookup.
Patch by David Collett.
11/21/06: Bug Fix: Fixed fs_data loops that were stopping when they hit
an unused attribute. Patch by David Collett.
11/21/06: Bug Fix: sorter no longer clears the path when it starts. THis
was causing errors on Cygwin because OpenSSL libraries could not be found.
11/22/06: Update: Added a tskGetVersion() function to return the string
of the current version.
11/29/06: Update: Added more tsk_error_resets to more places to prevent
extra error messages from being displayed.
11/30/06: Update: Added Caching to the getFAT function and to fs_read.
12/1/06: Update: Changed TSK_LIST to a reverse sorted list of buckets.
12/5/06: Bug Fix: Fixed FS_DATA_INUSE infinite loop bug.
12/5/06: Bug Fix: Fixed infinite loop bug with NTFS decompression code.
12/5/06: Update: Added NULL check to fs_inode_free (from Michael Cohen).
12/5/06: Update: Updated ifind_path so that an allocated name will be
shown if one exists -- do not exit if we find simply an unallocated
entry with an address of 0. Suggested by David Collett.
12/6/06: Update: Updated file to version 4.18.
12/6/06: Update: Updated libaff to 2.0a10 and changed build process
12/7/06: Update: Added a tsk_error_get() function that returns a string
with the error messages -- can be used instead of tsk_error_print.
12/7/06: Update: fixed some memory leaks in FAT and NTFS code.
12/11/06: Bug Fix: fatfs_open error message code referenced a value that
was in freed memory -- reordered statements.
12/15/06: Update: Include VCProj files in build.
---------------- VERSION 2.06 --------------
8/11/06: Bug Fix: Added back in ASCII/UTF-8 checks to remove control
characters in file names.
8/11/06: Bug Fix: Added support for fast sym links in UFS1
8/11/06: Update: Redesigned the endian support so that getuX takes only
the endian flag so that the Unicode design could be changed as well.
8/11/06: Update: Redesigned the Unicode support so that there is a
tsk_UTF... routine instead of fs_UTF...
8/11/06: Update: Updated GPT to fully convert UTF16 to UTF8.
8/11/06: Update: There is now only one aux_tools header file to include
instead of libauxtools and/or aux_lib, which were nearly identical.
8/16/06: Bug Fix: ntfs_dent_walk could segfault if two consecutive
unallocated entries were found that had an MFT entry address of 0.
Reported by Robert-Jan Mora.
8/16/06: Update: Changed a lot of the header files and reduced them so
that it is easier to use the library and only one header file needs to
be included.
8/21/06: Update: mmtools had char * instead of void * for walk callback
8/22/06: Update: Added fs_load_file function that returns a buffer full
with the contents of a file.
8/23/06: Update: Upgraded AFFLIB to 1.6.31 and libewf to 20060820-1.
8/25/06: Update: Created printf wrappers so that output is UTF-16 on
Windows and UTF-8 on Unix.
8/25/06: Update: Continued port to Windows by starting to use more
TCHARS and defining needed macros for the Unix side.
8/25/06: Bug Fix: Fixed crash that could occur because of SDS code
in NTFS. (reported by Simson Garfinkel) (BUG: 1546925).
8/25/06: Bug Fix: Fixed crash that could occur because path stack became
corrupt with deep directories or corrupt images. (reported by Simson
Garfinkel) (BUG: 1546926).
8/25/06: Bug Fix: Fixed infinite loop that could occur when trying to
determine size of FAT directory when the FAT has a loop in it. (BUG:
8/25/06: Update: Improved FAT checking code to look for '.' and '..'
entries when inode value is replaced during dent_walk.
8/29/06: Update: Finished Win32 port and changes to handle UTF-16 vs
UTF-8 inputs.
8/29/06: Update: Created a parse_inum function to handle parsing inode
addresses from command line.
8/30/06: Update: Made progname a local variable instead of global.
8/31/06: Bug Fix: Fixed a sizeof() error with the memset in fatfs_inode_walk
for the sect_alloc buffer.
8/31/06: Update: if mktime in dos2unixtime returns any negative value,
then the return value is set to 0. Windows and glibc seem to have
different return values.
---------------- VERSION 2.05 --------------
5/15/06: Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in img_cat that could cause it to
go into an infinite loop. (BUG: 1489284)
5/16/06: Update: Fixed printf statements in tsk_error.c that caused
warning messages for some compilers. Reported by Jason DePriest.
5/17/06: Update: created a union of file system-specific file times in
FS_INFO (Patch by Wyatt Banks)
5/22/06: Bug Fix: Updated libewf to 20060520 to fix bug with reported
image size. (BUG: 1489287)
5/22/06: Bug Fix: Updated AFFLIB to 1.6.24 so that TSK could compile in
CYGWIN. (BUG: 1493013)
5/22/06: Update: Fixed some more printf statements that were causing
compile warnings.
5/23/06: Update: Added a file existence check to img_open to make error
message more accurate.
5/23/06: Update: Usage messages had extra "Supported image types message".
5/25/06: Update: Added block / page range to fsstat for raw and swapfs.
6/5/06: Update: fixed some typos in the output messages of sigfind (reported
by Jelle Smet)
6/9/06: Update: Added HFS+ template to sigfind (Patch by Wyatt Banks)
6/9/06: Update: Added ntfs and HFS template to sigfind.
6/19/06: Update: Begin Windows Visual Studio port
6/22/06: Update: Updated a myflags check in ntfs.c (reported by Wyatt Banks)
6/28/06: Update: Incorporated NTFS compression patch from I.D.E.A.L.
6/28/06: Update: Incorporated NTFS SID patch from I.D.E.A.L.
6/28/06: Bug Fix: A segfault could occur with NTFS if no inode was loaded
in the dent_walk code. (Reported by Pope).
7/5/06: Update: Added tsk_error_reset function and updated code to use it.
7/5/06: Update: Added more sanity checks to the DOS partitions code.
7/10/06: Update: Upgraded libewf to version 20060708.
7/10/06: Update: Upgraded AFFLIB to version 1.6.28
7/10/06: Update: added 'list' option to usage message so that file
system, image, volume system types are listed only if '-x list' is given.
Suggested by kenshin.
7/10/06: Update: Compressed NTFS files use the compression unit size
specified in the header.
7/10/06: Update: Added -R flag to icat to suppress recovery warnings and
use this flag in sorter to prevent FAT recovery messages from filling
up screen.
7/10/06: Update: file_walk functions now return FS_ERR_RECOVERY error
codes for most cases if the RECOVERY flag is set -- this allows the
errors to be more easily suppressed.
7/12/06: Update: Removed individual libraries and now make a single
static libtsk.a library.
7/12/06: Update: Cleaned up top-level Makefile. Use '-C' flag (suggested
by kenshin).
7/14/06: Update: Fixed and redesigned some of the new NTFS compression
code. Changed variable names.
7/20/06: Update: Fixed an NTFS compression bug if a sub-block was not
7/21/06: Update: Made NTFS compression code thread friendly.
---------------- VERSION 2.04 --------------
12/1/05: Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the verbose output of img_open
that would crash if no type or offset was given. Reported and
patched by Wyatt Banks.
12/20/05: Bug Fix: An NTFS directory index sanity check used 356
instead of 365 when calculating an upper bound on the times. Reported
by Wyatt Banks.
12/23/05: Bug Fix: Two printf statements in istat for NTFS printed
to stdout instead of a specific file handle. Reported by Wyatt
1/22/06: Bug Fix: fsstat, imgstat and dcalc were using a char instead
of int for the return value of getopt, which caused some systems to not
execute the programs. (internal fix and later reported by Bernhard Reiter)
2/23/06: Update: added support for FreeBSD 6.
2/27/06: Bug Fix: Indirect blocks would nto be found by ifind with
UFS and Ext2. Reported by Nelson G. Mejias-Diaz. (BUG: 1440075)
3/9/06: Update: Added AFF image file support.
3/14/06: Bug Fix: If the first directory entry of a UFS or ExtX block
was unallocated, then later entries may not be shown. Reported by John
Langezaal. (BUG: 1449655)
4/3/06: Update: Finished the improved error handling. Many internal
changes, not many external changes. error() function no longer used
and instead tsk_err variables and function are used. This makes the
library more powerful.
4/5/06: Update: The byte offset for a volume is now passed to the mm_
and fs_ functions instead of img_open. This allows img_info to be used
for multiple volumes at the same time. This required some mm_ changes.
4/5/06: Update: All TSK libraries are written to the lib directory.
4/6/06: Update: Added FS_FLAG_DATA_RES flag to identify data that are
resident in ntfs_data_walk (suggested by Michael Cohen).
4/6/06: Update: The partition code (media Management) now checks that a
partition starts before the end of the image file. There are currently
no checks about the end of the partition though.
4/6/06: Update: The media management code now shows unpartitioned space
as such from the end of the last partition to the end of the image file
(using the image file size). (Suggested by Wyatt Banks).
4/7/06: Update: New version of ISO9660 code from Wyatt Banks and Crucial
Security added and other code updated to allow CDs to be analyzed.
4/7/06: There was a conflict with guessuXX with mmtools and fstools.
Renamed to mm_guessXX and fs_guessXX.
4/10/06: Upgraded AFFLIB to 1.5.6
4/12/06: Added version of libewf and support for it in imgtools
4/13/06: Added new img_cat tool to extract raw data from an image format.
4/24/06: Upgraded AFFLIB to 1.5.12
4/24/06: split and raw check if the image is a directory
4/24/06: Updated libewf to 20060423-1
4/26/06: Updated makedefs to work with SunOS 5.10
5/3/06: Added iso9660 patch from Wyatt Banks so that version number
is not printed with file name.
5/4/06: Updated error checking in icat, istat, fatfs_dent, and ntfs_dent
5/8/06: Updated libewf to 20060505-1 to fix some gcc 2 compile errors.
5/9/06: Updated AFFLIB to 1.6.18
5/11/06: Cleaned up error handling (removed %m and unused legacy code)
5/11/06: Updated AFFLIB to 1.6.23
---------------- VERSION 2.03 --------------
7/26/05: Update: Removed incorrect print_version() statement from
fs_tools.h (reported by Jaime Chang)
7/26/05: Update: Renamed libraries to start with "lib"
7/26/05: Update: Removed the logfp variable for verbose statements
and instead use only stderr.
8/12/05: Update: If time is 0, then it is put as 00:00:00 instead of
the default 1970 or 1980 time.
8/13/05: Update: Added Unicode support for FAT and NTFS (Supported by
I.D.E.A.L. Technology Corp).
9/2/05: Update: Added Unicode support for UFS and ExtX. Non-printable
ASCII characters are no longer replaced with '^.'.
9/2/05: Update: Improved the directory entry sanity checks for UFS
and ExtX.
9/2/05: Update: Upgraded file to version 4.15.
9/2/05: Update: The dent_walk code of all file systems does not
abort if a sub-directory is encountered with an error. If it is the
top directory explicitly called, then it still gives an error.
9/2/05: Bug Fix: MD5 and SHA-1 values were incorrect under AMD64
systems because the incorrect variable sizes were being used.
(reported by: Regis Friend Cassidy. BUG: 1280966)
9/2/05: Update: Changed all licenses in TSK to Common Public License
(except those that were already IBM Public License).
9/15/05: Bug Fix: The Unicode names would not be displayed if the FAT
short name entry was using code pages. The ASCII name check was removed,
which may lead to more false positives during inode_walk.
10/05/05: Update: improved the sector size check when the FAT boot
sector is read (check for specific values besides just mod 512).
10/12/05: Update: The ASCII name check was added back into FAT, but
the check no longer looks for values over 0x80.
10/12/05: Update: The inode_walk function in FAT skips clusters
that are allocated to files. This makes it much faster, but it
will now not find unallocated directory entries in the slack space
of allocated files.
10/13/05: Update: sorter updated to handle unicode in HTML output.
---------------- VERSION 2.02 --------------
4/27/05: Bug Fix: the sizes of 'id' were not consistent in the
front-end and library functions for icat and ffind. Reported by
John Ward.
5/16/05: Bug Fix: fls could segfault in FAT if short name did not
exist. There was also a bug where the long file name variable
(fatfs->lfn_len) was not reset after processing a directory and the
next entry could incorrectly get the long name. Reported by Jaime
Chang. BUG: 1203673.
5/18/05: Update: Updated makedefs to support Darwin 8 (OS X Tiger)
5/23/05: Bug Fix: ntfs_dent_walk would not always stop when WALK_STOP
was returned. This caused some issues with previous versions of ifind.
This was fixed.
5/24/05: Bug Fix: Would not compile under Suse because it had header
file conflicts for the size of int64_t. Reported by: Andrea Ghirardini.
BUG: 1203676
5/25/05: Update: Fixed some memory leaks in fstools (reported by Jaime
6/13/05: Update: Compiled with g++ to get better warning messages.
Fixed many signed versus unsigned comparisons, -1 assignments to
unsigned vars, and some other minor internal issues.
6/13/05: Bug Fix: if UFS or FFS found a valid dentry in unallocated
space, it could have a documented length that is larger than the
remaining unallocated space. This would cause an allocated name
to be skipped. BUG: 1210204 Reported by Christopher Betz.
6/13/05: Update: Improved design of all dent code so that there are no
more global variables.
6/13/05: Update: Improved design of FAT dent code so that FATFS_INFO
does not keep track of long file name information.
6/13/05: Bug Fix: If a cluster in a directory started with a strange
dentry, then FAT inode_walk would skip it. The fixis to make sure
that all directory sectors are processed. (BUG: 1203669). Reported
by Jaime Chang.
6/14/05: Update: Changed design of FS_INODE so that it contains the
inode address and the inode_walk action was changed to remove inum
as an argument.
6/15/05: Update: Added 'ils -o' back in as 'ils -O' to list open
and deleted files.
6/15/05: Update: Added '-m' flag to mactime so that it prints the month
as a number instead of its name.
7/2/05: Bug Fix: If an NTFS file did not have a $DATA or $IDX_*
attribute, then fls would not print it. The file had no content, but
the name should be shown. (BUG: 1231515) (Reported by Fuerst)
---------------- VERSION 2.01 --------------
3/24/05: Bug Fix: ffind would fail if the directory had two
non-printable chars. The handling of non-printable chars was changed
to replace with '^.'. (BUG: 1170310) (reported by Brian Baskin)
3/24/05: Bug Fix: icat would not print the output to stdout when split
images were used. There was a bug in the image closing process of
icat. (BUG: 1170309) (reported by Brian Baskin)
3/24/05: Update: Changed the header files in fstools to make fs_lib.h
more self contained.
4/1/05: Bug Fix: Imgtools byte offset with many leading 0s could
cause issues. (BUG: 1174977)
4/1/05: Update: Removed test check in mmtools/dos.c for value cluster
size because to many partition tables have that as a valid field.
Now it checks only OEM name.
4/8/05: Update: Updated usage of 'strtoul' to 'strtoull' for blocks
and inodes.
---------------- VERSION 2.00 --------------
1/6/05: Update: Added '-b' flag to 'mmls' so that sizes can be
printed in bytes. Suggested and a patch proposed by Matt Kucenski
1/6/05: Update: Define DADDR_T, INUM_T, OFF_T, PNUM_T as a static
size and use those to store values in data structures. Updated
print statements as well.
1/6/05: Update: FAT now supports larger images becuase the inode
address space is 64-bits.
1/6/05: Moved guess and get functions to misc from mmtools and
1/7/05: Update: Added imgtools with support for "raw" and "split"
layers. All fstools have been updated.
1/7/05: Update: removed dtime from ils output
1/9/05: Update: FAT code reads in clusters instead of sectors to
be faster (suggested by David Collett)
1/9/05: Update: mmtools uses imgtools for split images etc.
1/10/05: Update: Removed usage of global variables when using
file_walk internally.
1/10/05: Update: mmls BSD will use the next sector automatically
if the wrong is given instead of giving an error.
1/10/05: Update: Updated file to version 4.12
1/11/05: Update: Added autodetect to file system tools.
1/11/05: Update: Changed names to specify file system type (not
1/11/05: Update: Added '-t' option to fsstat to give just the type.
1/11/05: Update: Added autodetect to mmls
1/17/05: Update: Added the 'mmstat' tool that gives the type of
volume system.
1/17/05: Update: Now using CVS for local version control - added
date stamps to all files.
2/20/05: Bug Fix: ils / istat would go into an infinte loop if the
attribute list had an entry with a length of 0. Reported by Angus
Marshall (BUG: 1144846)
3/2/05: Update: non-printable letters in ExtX/UFS file names are
now replaced by a '.'
3/2/05: Update: Made file system tools more library friendly by
making stubs for each application.
3/4/05: Update: Redesigned the diskstat tool and created the
disksreset tool to remove the HPA temporarily.
3/4/05: Update: Added imgstat tool that displays image format
3/7/05: Bug Fix: In fsstat on ExtX, the final group would have an
incorrect _percentage_ of free blocks value (although the actual
number was correct). Reported by Knut Eckstein. (BUG: 1158620)
3/11/05: Update: Renamed diskstat, disksreset, sstrings, and imgstat to
disk_stat, disk_sreset, srch_strings, and img_stat to make the names more
3/13/05: Bug Fix: The verbose output for fatfs_file_walk had an
incorrect sector address. Reported by Rudolph Pereira.
3/13/05: Bug Fix: The beta version had compiling problems on FreeBSD
because of a naming clash with the new 'fls' functions. (reported
by secman)
---------------- VERSION 1.74 --------------
11/18/04: Bug Fix: FreeBSD 5 would produce incorrect 'icat' output for
Ext2/3 & UFS1 images because it used a 64-bit on-disk address.
reported by neutrino neutrino. (BUG: 1068771)
11/30/04: Bug Fix: The makefile in disktools would generate an error
on some systems (Cygwin) because of an extra entry. Reported by
Vajira Ganepola (BUG: 1076029)
---------------- VERSION 1.73 --------------
09/09/04: Update: Added journal support for EXT3FS and added jls
and jcat tools.
09/13/04: Updated: Added the major and minor device numbers to
EXTxFS istat.
09/13/04: Update: Added EXTxFS orphan code to 'fsstat'
09/24/04: Update: Fixed incorrect usage of 'ptr' and "" in action
of ntfs_dent.c. Did not affect any code, but could have in the
future. Reported by Pete Winkler.
09/25/04: Update: Added UFS flags to fsstat
09/26/04: Update: All fragments are printed for indirect block pointer
addresses in UFS istat.
09/29/04: Update: Print extended UFS2 attributes in 'istat'
10/07/04: Bug Fix: Changed usage of (int) to (uintptr_t) for pointer
arithmetic. Caused issues with Debian Sarge. (BUG: 1049352) - turned out
to be from changes made to package version so that it would compile in
64-bit system (BUG: 928278).
10/11/04: Update: Added diskstat to check for HPA on linux systems.
10/13/04: Update: Added root directory location to FAT32 fsstat output
10/17/04: Bug Fix: EXTxFS superblock location would not be printed
for images in fsstat that did not have sparse superblok (which is
rare) (BUG: 1049355)
10/17/04: Update: Added sigfind tool to find binary signatures.
10/27/04: Bug Fix: NTFS is_clust_alloc returned an error when loading
$MFT that had attribute list entry. Now I assume that clusters
referred to by the $MFT are allocated until the $MFT is loaded.
(BUG: 1055862).
10/28/04: Bug Fix: Check to see if an attribute with the same name
exists instead of relying on id only. (ntfs_proc_attrseq) Affects
the processing of attribute lists. Reported by Szakacsits Szabolcs,
Matt Kucenski, & Gene Meltser (BUG: 1055862)
10/28/04: Update: Removed usage of mylseek in fstools for all systems
(Bug: 928278)
---------------- VERSION 1.72 --------------
07/31/04: Update: Added flag to mft_lookup so that ifind can run in noabort
mode and it will not stop when it finds an invalid magic value.
08/01/04: Update: Removed previous change and removed MAGIC check
entirely. XP doesn't even care if the Magic is corrupt, so neither
does TSK. The update sequence check should find an invalid MFT
08/01/04: Update: Added error message to 'ifind' if none of the search
options are given.
08/05/04: Bug Fix: Fixed g_curdirptr recursive error by clearing the value
when dent_walk had to abort because a deleted directory could not be recovered.
(BUG: 1004329) Reported by
08/16/04: Update: Added a sanity check to fatfs.c fat2unixtime to check
if the year is > 137 (which is the overflow date for the 32-bit UNIX time).
08/16/04: Update: Added first version of sstrings from binutils-2.15
08/20/04: Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the group number for block 0 of an
EXT2FS file system would report -1. 'dstat' no longer displays value when it
is not part of a block group. (BUG: 1013227)
8/24/04: Update: If an attribute list entry is found with an invalid MFT
entry address, then it is ignored instead of an error being generated and
8/26/04: Update: Changed internal design of NTFS to make is_clust_alloc
8/26/04: Update: If an attribute list entry is found with an invalid MFT
entry address AND the entry is unallocated, then no error message is
printed, it is just ignored or logged in verbose mode.
8/29/04: Update: Added support for 32-bit GID and UID in EXTxFS
8/30/04: Bug Fix: ntfs_dent_walk was adding 24 extra bytes to the
size of the index record for the final record processing (calc of
list_len) (BUG: 1019321) (reported and debugging help from Matt
8/30/04: Bug Fix: fs_data_lookup was using an id of 0 as a wild
card, but 0 is a legit id value and this could cause confusion. To
solve this, a new FS_FLAG_FILE_NOID flag was added and a new
fs_data_lookup_noid function that will not use the id to lookup
values. (BUG: 1019690) (reported and debugging help from Matt
8/30/04: Update: modified fs_data_lookup_noid to return unamed data
attribute if that type is requested (instead of just relying on id
value in attributes)
8/31/04: Update: Updated file to v4.10, which seems to fix the
CYGWIN compile problem.
9/1/04: Update: Added more DOS partition types to mmls (submitted by
Matt Kucenski)
9/2/04: Update: Added EXT3FS extended attributes and Posix ACL to istat
9/2/04: Update: Added free inode and block counts per group to fsstat for
9/7/04: Bug Fix: FreeBSD compile error for PRIx printf stuff in mmtools/gpt.c
---------------- VERSION 1.71 --------------
06/05/04: Update: Added sanity checks in fat to unix time conversion so that
invalid times are set to 0.
06/08/04: Bug Fix: Added a type cast when size is assigned in FAT
and removed the assignment to a 32-bit signed variable (which was no
longer needed). (Bug: 966839)
06/09/04: Bug Fix: Added a type cast to the 'getuX' macros because some
compilers were assuming it was signed (Bug: 966839).
06/11/04: Update: Changed NTFS magic check to use the aa55 at the
end and fixed the name of the original "magic" value to oemname.
The oemname is now printed in fsstat.
06/12/04: Bug Fix: The NTFS serial number was being printed with
bytes in the wrong order in the fsstat output. (BUG: 972207)
06/12/04: Update: The begin offset value in index header for NTFS
was 16-bits instead of 32-bits.
06/22/04: Update: Created a library for the MD5 and SHA1 functions so
that it can be incorporated into other tools. Also renamed some of the
indexing tools that hfind uses.
06/23/04: Update: Changed output of 'istat' for NTFS images. Added more
07/13/04: Update: Changed output of 'istat' for NTFS images again. Moved
more data to the $FILE_NAME section and added new data.
07/13/04: Update: Changed code for processing NTFS runs and no
longer check for the offset to be 0 in ntfs_make_data_run(). This
could have prevented some sparse files from being processed.
07/13/04: Update: Added flags for compressed and encrypted NTFS
files. They are not decrypted or uncompressed yet, just identified.
They cannot be displayed from 'icat', but the known layout is given
in 'istat'.
07/18/04: Bug Fix: Sometimes, 'icat' would report an error about an
existing FILLER entry in an NTFS attribute. This was traced to
instances when it was run on a non-base file record. There is now
a check for that to not show the error. (BUG: 993459)
07/19/04: Bug Fix: A run of -1 may exist for sparse files in non-NT
versions of NTFS. Changed check for this. reported by Matthew
Kucenski. (BUG: 994024).
07/24/04: Bug Fix: NTFS attribute names were missing (rarely) on
some files because the code assumed they would always be at offset
64 for non-res attributes (Bug: 996981).
07/24/04: Update: Made listing of unallcoated NTFS file names less
strict. There was a check for file name length versus stream length.
07/24/04: Update: Added $OBJECT_ID output to 'istat'
07/24/04: Update: Fixed ntfs.c compile warning about constant too
large in time conversion code.
07/25/04: Update: Added attribute list contents to NTFS 'istat' output
07/25/04: Bug Fix: Not all slack space was being shown with 'dls -s'.
It was documented that this occurs, but it is not what would be
expected. (BUG: 997800).
07/25/04: Update: Changed output format of 'dls -s' so that it sends
zeros where the file content was. Therefore the output is now a
multiple of the data unit size. Also removed limitation to FAT &
07/25/04: Update: 'dcalc' now has the '-s' option calculate the
original location of data from a slack space image (dls -s).
(from Chris Betz).
07/26/04: Update: Created the fs_os.h file and adjusted some of the
header files for the PRI macros (C99). Created defines for OSes that do
not have the macros already defined.
07/26/04: Non-release bug fix: Fixed file record size bug introduced with
recent changes.
07/27/04: Update: Added GPT support to mmls.
07/29/04: Update: Added '-p' flag to 'ifind' to find deleted NTFS files
that point to the given parent directory. Added '-l and -z' as well.
---------------- VERSION 1.70 --------------
04/21/04: Update: Changed attribute and mode for FAT 'istat' so
that actual FAT attributes are used instead of UNIX translation.
04/21/04: Update: The FAT 'istat' output better handles Long FIle
Name entry
04/21/04: Update: The FAT 'istat' output better handles Volume Label
04/21/04: Update: Allowed the FAT volume label entry to be displayed
with 'ils'
04/21/04: Update: Allowed the FAT volume label entry to be displayed
with 'fls'
04/24/04: Update: 'dstat' on a FAT cluster now shows the cluster
address in addition to the sector address.
04/24/04: Update: Added the cluster range to the FAT 'fsstat' output
05/01/04: Update: Improved the FAT version autodetect code.
05/02/04: Update: Removed 'H' flag from 'icat'.
05/02/04: Update: Changed all of the FS_FLAG_XXX variables in the
file system tools to constants that are specific to the usage
05/03/04: Update: fatfs_inode_walk now goes by sectors instead of clusters
to get more dentries from slack space.
05/03/04: Bug Fix: The allocation status of FAT dentires was set only by
the flag and not the allocation status of the cluster it is located in.
(BUG: 947112)
05/03/04: Update: Improved comments and variable names in FAT code
05/03/04: Update: Added '-r' flag to 'icat' for deleted file recovery
05/03/04: Update: Added RECOVERY flag to file_walk for deleted file
05/03/04: Update: Added FAT file recovery.
05/03/04: Update: Removed '-H' flag from 'icat'. Default is to
display holes.
05/03/04: Update: 'fls -r' will recurse down deleted directories in FAT
05/03/04: Update: 'fsstat' reports FAT clusters that are marked as BAD
05/03/04: Update: 'istat' for FAT now shows recovery clusters for
deleted files.
05/04/04: Update: Added output to 'fsstat' for FAT file systems by adding
a list of BAD sectors and improving the amount of layout information. I
also changed some of the internal variables.
05/08/04: Update: Removed addr_bsize from FS_INFO, moved block_frags
to FFS_INFO, modified dcat output only data unit size.
05/20/04: Update: Added RECOVERY flag to 'ifind' so that it can find the
data units that are allocated to deleted files
05/20/04: Update: Added icat recovery options to 'sorter'.
05/20/04: Update: Improved the naming convention in sorter for the 'ils'
dead files.
05/21/04: Update: Added outlook to sorter rules (from David Berger)
05/27/04: Bug Fix: Added <linux/unistd.h> to mylseek.c so that it compiles
with Fedora Core 2 (Patch by Angus Marshall) (BUG: 961908).
05/27/04: Update: Changed the letter with 'fls -l' for FIFO to 'p'
instead of 'f' (reported by Dave Henkewick).
05/28/04: Update: Added '-u' flag to 'dcat' so that the data unit size
can be specified for raw, swap, and dls image types.
05/28/04: Update: Changed the size argument of 'dcat' to be number of
data units instead of size in bytes (suggestion by Harald Katzer).
---------------- VERSION 1.69 --------------
03/06/04: Update: Fixed some memory leaks in ext2fs_close. reported
by Paul Bakker.
03/10/04: Bug Fix: If the '-s' flag was used with 'icat' on a EXT2FS
or FFS file system, then a large amount of extra data came out.
Reported by epsion. (BUG: 913874)
03/10/04: Bug Fix: One of the verbose outputs in ext2fs.c was being sent
to STDOUT instead of logfp. (BUG: 913875)
04/14/04: Update: Added more data to fsstat output of FAT file system.
04/15/04: Bug Fix: The last sector of a FAT file system may not
be analyzed. (BUG: 935976)
04/16/04: Update: Added full support for swap and raw by making the
standard files and functions for them instead of the hack in dcat.
Suggested by (and initial patch by) Paul Baker.
04/18/04: Update: Changed error messages in EXT2/3FS code to be extXfs.
04/18/04: Update: Updaged to version 4.09 of 'file'. This will
help fix some of the problems people have had compiling it under
OS X 10.3.
04/18/04: Update: Added compiling support for SFU 3.5 (Microsoft). Patches
from an anonymous person.
---------------- VERSION 1.68 --------------
01/20/04: Bug Fix: FAT times were an hour too fast during daylight savings.
Now use mktime() instead of manual calculation. Reported by Randall
Shane. (BUG: 880606)
02/01/04: Update: 'hfind -i' now reports the header entry as an invalid
entry. The first header row was ignored.
02/20/04: Bug Fix: indirect block pointer blocks would not be identified by
the ifind tool. Reported by Knut Eckstein (BUG: 902709)
03/01/04: Update: Added fs->seek_pos check to fs_read_random.
---------------- VERSION 1.67 --------------
11/15/03: Bug Fix: Added support for OS X 10.3 to src/makedefs. (BUG: 843029)
11/16/03: Bug Fix: Mac partition tables could generate an error if there were
VOID-type partitions. (BUG: 843366)
11/21/03: Update: Changed NOABORT messages to verbose messages, so invalid
data is not printed during 'ifind' searches.
11/30/03: Bug Fix: icat would not hide the 'holes' if '-h' was given because
the _UNALLOC flag was always being passed to file_walk. (reported by
Knut Eckstein). (BUG: 851873)
11/30/03: Bug Fix: NTFS data_walk was not using _ALLOC and _UNALLOC flags
and other code that called it was not either. (BUG: 851895)
11/30/03: Bug Fix: Not all needed commands were using _UNALLOC when they
called file_walk (although for most cases it did not matter because
sparse files would not be found in a directory for example). (Bug: 851897)
12/09/03: Bug Fix: FFS and EXT2FS code was using OFF_T type instead of
size_t for the size of the file. This could result in a file > 2GB
as being a negative size on some systems (BUG: 856957).
12/26/03: Bug Fix: ffind would crash for root directory of FAT image.
Added NULL check and added a NULL name to fake root directory entry.
(BUG: 871219)
01/05/04: Bug Fix: The clustcnt value for FAT was incorrectly calculated
and was too large for FAT12 and FAT16 by 32 sectors. This could produce
extra entries in the 'fsstat' output when the FAT is dumped.
(BUG: 871220)
01/05/04: Bug Fix: ils, fls, and istat were not printing the full size
of files that are > 2GB. (reported by Knut Eckstein) (BUG: 871457)
01/05/04: Bug Fix: The EXT2FS and EXT3FS code was not using the
i_dir_acl value as the upper 32-bits of regular files that are
> 2GB (BUG: 871458)
01/06/04: Mitigation: An error was reported where sorter would error
that icat was being passed a '-1' argument. I can't find how that would
happen, so I added quotes to all arguments so that the next time it
occurs, the error is more useful (BUG: 845840).
01/06/04: Update: Incorporated patch from Charles Seeger so that 'cc'
can be used and compile time warnings are fixed with Sun 'cc'.
01/06/04: Update: Upgraded file from v3.41 to v4.07
---------------- VERSION 1.66 --------------
09/02/03: Bug Fix: Would not compile under OpenBSD 3 because fs_tools.h
& mm_tools was missing a defined statment (reported by Randy - m0th_man)
NOTE: Bugs now will have an entry into the Source Forge bug tracking
10/13/03: Bug Fix: buffer was not being cleared between uses and length
incorrectly set in NTFS resulted in false deleted file names being shown
when the '-r' flag was given. The extra entries were from the previous
directory. (BUG: 823057)
10/13/03: Bug Fix: The results of 'sorter' varied depending on the version
of Perl and the system. If the file output matched more than one,
sorter could not gaurantee which would match. Therefore, results were
different for some files and some machines. 'sorter' now enforces the
ordering based on the order they are in the configuration file. The
entries at the end of the file have priority over the first entries
(generic rules to specific rules). (BUG: 823057)
10/14/03: Update: 'mmls' prints 'MS LVM' with partition type 0x42 now.
10/25/03: Bug Fix: NTFS could have a null pointer crash if the image
was very corrupt and $Data was not found for the MFT.
11/10/03: Bug Fix: NTFS 'ffind' would only report the file name and not
the attribute name because the type and id were ignored. ffind and
ntfs_dent were updated - found during NTFS keyword search test.
(Bug: 831579()
11/12/03: Update: added support for Solaris x86 partition tables to 'mmls'
11/12/03: Update: Modified the sparc data structure to add the correct
location of the 'sanity' magic value.
11/15/03: Update: Added '-s' flag to 'icat' so that slack space is also
---------------- VERSION 1.65 --------------
08/03/03: Bug Fix: 'sorter' now checks for inode values that are too
small to avoid 'icat' errors about invalid inode values.
08/19/03: Update: 'raw' is now a valid type for 'dcat'.
08/21/03: Update: mactime and sorter look for perl5.6.0 first.
08/21/03: Update: Removed NSRL support from 'sorter' until a better
wany to identify the known good and known bad files is found
08/21/03: Bug Fix: The file path replaces < and > with HTML
encoding for HTML output (ils names were not being shown)
08/25/03: Update: Added 'nsrl.txt' describing why the NSRL functionality
was removed.
08/27/03: Update: Improved code in 'mactime' to reduce warnings when
'-w' is used with Perl ('exists' checks on arrays).
08/27/03: Update: Improved code in 'sorter' to reduce warnings when
'-w' is used with Perl (inode_int for NTFS).
---------------- VERSION 1.64 --------------
08/01/03: Docs Fix: The Sun VTOC was documented as Virtual TOC and it
should be Volume TOC (Jake @ UMASS).
08/02/03: Bug Fix: Some compilers complained about verbose logging
assignment in 'mmls' (Ralf Spenneberg).
---------------- VERSION 1.63 --------------
06/13/03; Update: Added 'mmtools' directory with 'dos' partitions
and 'mmls'.
06/18/03: Update: Updated the documents in the 'doc' directory
06/19/03: Update: Updated error message for EXT3FS magic check
06/27/03: Update: Added slot & table number to mmls
07/08/03: Update: Added mac support to mmtools
07/11/03: Bug Fix: 'sorter' was not processing all unallocated meta
data structures because of a regexp error. (reported by Jeff Reava)
07/16/03: Update: Added support for FreeBSD5
07/16/03: Update: Added BSD disk labels to mmtools
07/28/03: Update: Relaxed requirements for DOS directory entries, the wtime
can be zero (reported by Adam Uccello).
07/30/03: Update: Added SUN VTOC to mmtools
07/31/03: Update: Added NetBSD support (
08/01/03: Update: Added more sanity checks to FAT so that it would not
try and process NTFS images that have the same MAGIC value
---------------- VERSION 1.62 --------------
04/11/03: Bug Fix: 'fsstat' for an FFS file system could report data
fragments in the last group that were larger than the maximum
04/11/03: Bug Fix: 'ffs' allows the image to not be a multiple of the
block size. A read error occured when it tried to read the last
fragments since a whole block could not be read.
04/15/03: Update: Added debug statements to FAT code.
04/26/03: Update: Added verbose statements to FAT code
04/26/03: Update: Added NOABORT flag to dls -s
04/26/03: Update: Added stderr messages for errors that are not aborted
because of NOABORT
05/27/03: Update: Added 'mask' field to FATFS_INFO structure and changed
code in fatfs.c to use it.
05/27/03: Update: isdentry now checks the starting cluster to see if
it is a valid size.
05/27/03: Bug Fix: Added a sanitizer to 'sorter' to remove invalid chars
from the 'file' output and reduce the warnings from Perl.
05/28/03: Bug Fix: Improved sanitize expression in 'sorter'
05/28/03: Update: Added '-d' option to 'mactime' to allow output to be
given in comma delimited format for importing into a spread sheet or
other graphing tool
06/09/03: Update: Added hourly summary / indexing to mactime
06/09/03: Bug Fix: sorter would not allow linux-ext3 fstype
---------------- VERSION 1.61 --------------
02/05/03: Update: Started addition of image thumbnails to sorter
03/05/03: Update: Updated 'file' to version 3.41
03/16/03: Update: Added comments and NULL check to 'ifind'
03/16/03: Bug Fix: Added a valid magic of 0 for MFT entries. This was
found in an XP image.
03/26/03: Bug Fix: fls would crash for an inode of 0 and a clock skew
was given. fixed the bug in fls.c (debug help from Josep Homs)
03/26/03: Update: Added more verbose comments to ntfs_dent.c.
03/26/03: Bug Fix: 'ifind' for a path could return a result that was
shorter than the requested name (strncmp was used)
03/26/03: Update: Short FAT names can be used in 'ifind -n' and
error messages were improved
03/26/03: Bug Fix: A final NTFS Index Buffer was not always processed in
ntfs_dent.c, which resulted in files not being shown. This was fixed
with debugging help from Matthew Shannon.
03/27/03: Update: Added an 'index.html' for image thumbnails in sorter
and added a 'details' link from the thumbnail to the images.html file
03/27/03: Update: 'sorter' can now take a directory inode to start
03/27/03: Update: added '-z' flag when running 'file' in 'sorter' so that
compressed file contents are reported
03/27/03: Update: added '-i' flag to 'mactime' that creates a daily
summary of events
03/27/03: Update: Added support for Version 2 of the NSRL in 'hfind'
04/01/03: Update: Added support for Hash Keeper to 'hfind'
04/01/03: Update: Added '-e' flag to 'hfind' for extended info
(currently hashkeeper only)
---------------- VERSION 1.60 --------------
10/31/02: Bug Fix: the unmounting status of EXT2FS in the 'fsstat' command
was not correct (reported by Stephane Denis).
11/24/02: Bug Fix: The -v argument was not allowed on istat or fls (Michael
11/24/02: Bug Fix: When doing an 'ifind' on a UNIX fs, it could abort if it
looked at an unallocated inode with invalid indirect block pointers.
This was fixed by adding a "NOABORT" flag to the walk code and adding
error checks in the file system code instead of relying on the fs_io
code. (suggested by Micael Stone)
11/26/02: Update: ifind has a '-n' argument that allows one to specify a
file name it and it searches to find the meta data structure for it
(suggested by William Salusky).
11/26/02: Update: Now that there is a '-n' flag with 'ifind', the '-d'
flag was added to specify the data unit address. The old syntax of
giving the data_unit at the end is no longer supported.
11/27/02: Update: Added sanity checks on meta data and data unit addresses
earlier in the code.
12/12/02: Update: Added additional debug statements to NTFS code
12/19/02: Update: Moved 'hash' directory to 'hashtools'
12/19/02: Update: Started development of 'hfind'
12/31/02: Update: Improved verbose debug statements to show full 64-bit
01/02/03: Update: Finished development of 'hfind' with ability to update
for next version of NSRL (which may have a different format)
01/05/03: Bug Fix: FFS and EXT2FS symbolic link destinations where not
properly NULL terminated and some extra chars were appended in 'fls'
(later reported by Thorsten Zachmann)
01/06/03: Bug Fix: getu64() was not properly masking byte sizes and some
data was being lost. This caused incorrect times to be displayed in some
NTFS files.
01/06/03: Bug Fix: ifind reported incorrect ownership for some UNIX
file systems if the end fragments were allocated to a different file than
the first ones were.
01/07/03: Update: Renamed the src/mactime directory to src/timeline.
01/07/03: Update: Updated README and man pages for hfind and sorter
01/12/03: Bug Fix: ntfs_mft_lookup was casting a 64-bit value to a 32-bit
variable. This caused MFT Magic errors. Reported and debugged by
Keven Murphy
01/12/03: Update: Added verbose argument to 'fls'
01/12/03: Bug Fix: '-V' argument to 'istat' was doing verbose instead of
01/13/03: Update: Changed static sizes of OFF_T and DADDR_T in Linux
version to the actual 'off_t' and 'daddr_t' types
01/23/03: Update: Changed use of strtok_r to strtok in ifind.c so that
Mac 10.1 could compile (Dave Goldsmith).
01/28/03: Update: Improved code in 'hfind' and 'sorter' to handle
files with spaces in the path (Dave Goldsmith).
---------------- VERSION 1.52 --------------
09/24/02: Bug Fix: Memory leak in ntfs_dent_idxentry(), ntfs_find_file(),
and ntfs_dent_walk()
09/24/02: Update: Removal of index sequences for index buffers is now
done using upd_off, which will allow for NTFS to move the structure in
the future.
09/26/02: Update: Added create time for NTFS / STANDARD_INFO to
istat output.
09/26/02: Update: Changed the method that the NTFS time is converted
to UNIX time. Should be more effecient.
10/09/02: Update: dcat error changed.
10/02/02: Update: Includes a Beta version of 'sorter'
---------------- VERSION 1.51 --------------
09/10/02: Bug Fix: Fixed a design bug that would not allow attribute
lists in $MFT. This bug would generate an error that complained about
an invalid MFT entry in attribute list.
09/10/02: Update: The size of files and directories is now calculated
after each time proc_attrseq() is called so that it is more up to date
when dealing with attribute lists. The size has the sizes of all
$Data, $IDX_ROOT, and $IDX_ALLOC streams.
09/10/02: Update: The maxinum number of MFT entries is now calculated
each time an MFT entry is processed while loading the MFT. This
allows us to reflect what the maximum possible MFT entry is at that
given point based on how many attribute lists have been processed.
09/10/02: Update: Added file version 3.39 to distro (bigger magic files)
09/10/02: Bug Fix: fs_data was wasting memory when it was allocated
09/10/02: Update: added a fs_data_alloc() function
09/12/02: Bug Fix: Do not give an error if an attribute list of an
unallocated file points to an MFT that no longer claims it is a
member of the list.
09/12/02: Update: No longer need version to remove update sequence
values from on-disk buffers
09/19/02: Bug Fix: fixed memory leak in ntfs_load_ver()
09/19/02: Bug Fix: Update sequence errors were displayed because of a
bug that occured when an MFT entry crossed a run in $MFT. Only occured
with 512-byte clusters and an odd number of clusters in a run.
09/19/02: Update: New argument to ils, istat, and fls that allows user to
specify a time skew in seconds of the compromised system. Originated
from discussion at DFRWS II.
09/19/02: Update: Added '-h' argument to mactime to display header info
---------------- VERSION 1.50 --------------
04/21/02: icat now displays idxroot attribute for NTFS directories
04/21/02: fs_dent_print functions now are passed the FS_DATA structure
instead of the extra inode and name strings. (NTFS)
04/21/02: fs_dent_print functions display alternate data stream size instead
of the default data size (NTFS)
04/24/02: Fixed bug in istat that displayed too many fragments with ffs images
04/24/02: Fixed bug in istat that did not display sparse files correctly
04/24/02: fsstat of FFS images now identifies the fragments at the
beginning of cyl groups as data fragments.
04/26/02: Fixed bug in ext2fs_dent_parse_block that did not advance the
directory entry pointer far enough each time
04/26/02: Fixed bug in ext2fs_dent_parse_block so that gave an error if
a file name was exactly 255 chars
04/29/02: Removed the getX functions from get.c as they are now macros
05/11/02: Added support for lowercase flag in FAT
05/11/02: Added support for sequence values (NTFS)
05/13/02: Added FS_FLAG_META for FAT
05/13/02: Changed ifind so that it looks the block up to identify if it is
a meta data block when an inode can not be found
05/13/02: Added a conditional to ifind so that it handles sparse files better
05/19/02: Changed icat so that the default attribute type is set in the
file_walk function
05/20/02: ils and dls now use boundary inode & block values if too large
or small are given
05/21/02: istat now displays all NTFS times
05/21/02: Created functions to just display date and time
05/24/02: moved istat functionality to the specific file system file
05/25/02: added linux-ext3 flag, but no new features
05/25/02: Added sha1 (so Autopsy can use the NIST SW Database)
05/26/02: Fixed bug with FAT that did not return all slack space on file_walk
05/26/02: Added '-s' flag to dls to extract slack space of FAT and NTFS
06/07/02: fixed _timezone variable so correct times are shown in CYGWIN
06/11/02: *_copy_inode now sets the flags for the inode
06/11/02: fixed bug in mactimes that displayed a duplicate entry with time
because of header entries in body file
06/12/02: Added ntfs.README doc
06/16/02: Added a comment to file Makefile to make it easier to compile for
an IR CD.
06/18/02: Fixed NTFS bug that showed ADS when only deleted files were supposed
to be shown (when ADS in directory)
06/19/02: added the day of the week to the mactime output (Tan)
07/09/02: Fixed bug that added extra chars to end of symlink destination
07/17/02: 1.50 Released
---------------- VERSION 1.00 --------------
- Integrated TCT-1.09 and TCTUTILs-1.01
- Fixed bug in bcat if size is not given with type of swap.
- Added platform indep by including the structures of each file system type
- Added flags for large file support under linux
- blockcalc was off by 1 if calculated using the raw block number and
not the one that lazarus spits out (which start at 1)
- Changed the inode_walk and block_walk functions slightly to return a
value so that a walk can be ended in the middle of it.
- FAT support added
- Improved ifind to better handle fragments
- '-z' flag to fls and istat now use the time zone string instead of
integer value.
- no longer prepend / in _dent
- verify that '-m' directory in fls ends with a '/'
- identify the destination of sym links
- fsstat tool added
- fixed caching bug with FAT12 when the value overlapped cache entries
- added mactime
- removed the <inode> value in fls when printing mac format (inode is now printed in mactime)
- renamed src/misc directory to src/hash (it only has md5 and will have sha)
- renamed aux directory to misc (Windows doesn't allow aux as a name ??)
- Added support for Cygwin
- Use the flags in super block of EXT2FS to identify v1 or v2
- removed file system types of linux1 and linux2 and linux
- added file system type of linux-ext2 (as ext3 is becoming more popular)
- bug in file command that reported seek error for object files and STDIN
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