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Add eslint to enforce code style

This will make it easier to automatically enforce the pre-existing code
style of the project, using [eslint]. It was done by running:

    npm install --save-dev eslint
    ./node_modules/.bin/eslint --init


This script interactively generates an eslint configuration (see [here]).
Here's how I answered its questions:

* Choosing `Inspect your JavaScript file(s)`
* Entering `src` as the files to inspect
* Choosing a JavaScript config file format
* Answering yes to ES6 features/classes
* Choosing both Node/Browser as environment
* Answering yes to CommonJS
* Answering no to JSX/React


After that, I added the `lint` script to package.json, and manually
changed the `space-before-function-paren` to:

    "space-before-function-paren": [

to enforce the rule mentioned here:

* #180 (comment)
* #180 (comment)
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josephfrazier authored and slevithan committed Apr 25, 2017
1 parent c9ea4dd commit ffd450cb679327a4867238222649bd258cc098d2
Showing with 315 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +311 −0 .eslintrc.js
  2. +4 −1 package.json
@@ -0,0 +1,311 @@
module.exports = {
"env": {
"browser": true,
"commonjs": true,
"es6": true,
"node": true
"extends": "eslint:recommended",
"parserOptions": {
"sourceType": "module"
"rules": {
"accessor-pairs": "error",
"array-bracket-spacing": [
"array-callback-return": "error",
"arrow-body-style": "error",
"arrow-parens": "error",
"arrow-spacing": "error",
"block-scoped-var": "error",
"block-spacing": [
"brace-style": [
"allowSingleLine": true
"callback-return": "off",
"camelcase": "error",
"capitalized-comments": "off",
"class-methods-use-this": "error",
"comma-dangle": "error",
"comma-spacing": [
"after": true,
"before": false
"comma-style": [
"complexity": "off",
"computed-property-spacing": [
"consistent-return": "error",
"consistent-this": "error",
"curly": "error",
"default-case": "error",
"dot-location": "error",
"dot-notation": "error",
"eol-last": "error",
"eqeqeq": "off",
"func-call-spacing": "error",
"func-name-matching": "error",
"func-names": [
"func-style": [
"generator-star-spacing": "error",
"global-require": "error",
"guard-for-in": "off",
"handle-callback-err": "error",
"id-blacklist": "error",
"id-length": "off",
"id-match": "error",
"indent": "error",
"init-declarations": "off",
"jsx-quotes": "error",
"key-spacing": "error",
"keyword-spacing": [
"after": true,
"before": true
"line-comment-position": "off",
"linebreak-style": [
"lines-around-comment": "error",
"lines-around-directive": "error",
"max-depth": "error",
"max-len": "off",
"max-lines": "off",
"max-nested-callbacks": "error",
"max-params": "off",
"max-statements": "off",
"max-statements-per-line": "off",
"multiline-ternary": "off",
"new-parens": "error",
"newline-after-var": "off",
"newline-before-return": "off",
"newline-per-chained-call": "off",
"no-alert": "error",
"no-array-constructor": "error",
"no-await-in-loop": "error",
"no-bitwise": "off",
"no-caller": "error",
"no-catch-shadow": "error",
"no-compare-neg-zero": "error",
"no-cond-assign": [
"no-confusing-arrow": "error",
"no-constant-condition": [
"checkLoops": false
"no-continue": "off",
"no-div-regex": "error",
"no-duplicate-imports": "error",
"no-else-return": "error",
"no-empty-function": "error",
"no-eq-null": "off",
"no-eval": "error",
"no-extend-native": "off",
"no-extra-bind": "error",
"no-extra-label": "error",
"no-extra-parens": "off",
"no-floating-decimal": "error",
"no-implicit-coercion": [
"boolean": false,
"number": false,
"string": false
"no-implicit-globals": "error",
"no-implied-eval": "error",
"no-inline-comments": "off",
"no-inner-declarations": [
"no-invalid-this": "off",
"no-iterator": "error",
"no-label-var": "error",
"no-labels": "error",
"no-lone-blocks": "error",
"no-lonely-if": "error",
"no-loop-func": "error",
"no-magic-numbers": "off",
"no-mixed-operators": "error",
"no-mixed-requires": "error",
"no-multi-assign": "error",
"no-multi-spaces": "error",
"no-multi-str": "error",
"no-multiple-empty-lines": "error",
"no-native-reassign": "error",
"no-negated-condition": "error",
"no-negated-in-lhs": "error",
"no-nested-ternary": "off",
"no-new": "off",
"no-new-func": "error",
"no-new-object": "error",
"no-new-require": "error",
"no-new-wrappers": "off",
"no-octal-escape": "error",
"no-param-reassign": "off",
"no-path-concat": "error",
"no-plusplus": "off",
"no-process-env": "error",
"no-process-exit": "error",
"no-proto": "off",
"no-prototype-builtins": "off",
"no-restricted-globals": "error",
"no-restricted-imports": "error",
"no-restricted-modules": "error",
"no-restricted-properties": "error",
"no-restricted-syntax": "error",
"no-return-assign": [
"no-return-await": "error",
"no-script-url": "error",
"no-self-compare": "error",
"no-sequences": "error",
"no-shadow": "off",
"no-shadow-restricted-names": "error",
"no-spaced-func": "error",
"no-sync": "error",
"no-tabs": "error",
"no-template-curly-in-string": "error",
"no-ternary": "off",
"no-throw-literal": "error",
"no-trailing-spaces": "error",
"no-undef-init": "error",
"no-undefined": "off",
"no-underscore-dangle": "off",
"no-unmodified-loop-condition": "error",
"no-unneeded-ternary": "error",
"no-unused-expressions": "error",
"no-use-before-define": "off",
"no-useless-call": "error",
"no-useless-computed-key": "error",
"no-useless-concat": "off",
"no-useless-constructor": "error",
"no-useless-escape": "off",
"no-useless-rename": "error",
"no-useless-return": "error",
"no-var": "off",
"no-void": "error",
"no-warning-comments": "error",
"no-whitespace-before-property": "error",
"no-with": "error",
"nonblock-statement-body-position": "error",
"object-curly-newline": "off",
"object-curly-spacing": [
"object-property-newline": "error",
"object-shorthand": "off",
"one-var": "off",
"one-var-declaration-per-line": "error",
"operator-assignment": [
"operator-linebreak": [
"padded-blocks": "off",
"prefer-arrow-callback": "off",
"prefer-const": "error",
"prefer-destructuring": [
"array": false,
"object": false
"prefer-numeric-literals": "error",
"prefer-promise-reject-errors": "error",
"prefer-reflect": "off",
"prefer-rest-params": "off",
"prefer-spread": "off",
"prefer-template": "off",
"quote-props": "off",
"quotes": "off",
"radix": [
"require-await": "error",
"require-jsdoc": "off",
"rest-spread-spacing": "error",
"semi": "error",
"semi-spacing": [
"after": true,
"before": false
"sort-imports": "error",
"sort-keys": "off",
"sort-vars": "error",
"space-before-blocks": "error",
"space-before-function-paren": [
"space-in-parens": [
"space-infix-ops": "error",
"space-unary-ops": "error",
"spaced-comment": "off",
"strict": "off",
"symbol-description": "error",
"template-curly-spacing": "error",
"template-tag-spacing": "error",
"unicode-bom": [
"valid-jsdoc": "off",
"vars-on-top": "off",
"wrap-iife": "error",
"wrap-regex": "off",
"yield-star-spacing": "error",
"yoda": [
@@ -23,7 +23,9 @@
"scripts": {
"prebuild": "babel src -d lib",
"lint": "eslint src",
"babel": "babel src -d lib",
"prebuild": "npm run lint && npm run babel",
"build": "browserify lib/index.js --standalone XRegExp > xregexp-all.js",
"pretest": "npm run build",
"test": "jasmine JASMINE_CONFIG_PATH=tests/jasmine.json"
@@ -33,6 +35,7 @@
"babel-plugin-transform-xregexp": "^0.0.4",
"babel-preset-env": "^1.4.0",
"browserify": "^12.0.1",
"eslint": "^3.19.0",
"jasmine": "^2.5.3"

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