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Sproutcore 2.0 Handlebars

Pretty much what it sounds like. The biggest goal being the capability of precompiling templates on the serverside during the build process.

Forks welcome.


More or less, this is the same as the handlebars module in npm. It has the same interface, this is just a little wrapper around it. So most of your learning would be done here:

Just sub things that say handlebars with sc-handlebars

Ugh, ok... Try this:

npm install sc-handlebars -g

sc-handlebars myapp/templates/mytemplate.handlebars


You should see compiled handlebars templates now. There are flags and stuff too, those will show up if you just type sc-handlebars after installation. It'll do files or directories and stuff too. woot.

WTF is this

I have a single wiki/doc on the who, what, and why, if you are interested in WTF this is:


There's a requirejs plugin for adding this to your require app in the extras folder. It probably requires (no pun intended) some modification since there are no standard ways to include sproutcore into require (at least at this time).


1.0.2beta -- This just stays in sync with the last tested version of sproutcore handlebars.

If I were to actually version this, it'd be like -4 or so. probably.