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FFmpeg Encoding and Editing Course

Author: Werner Robitza

This course is a 1.5 hour introduction to FFmpeg and its tools, basic video coding technology, and some hands-on examples. It contains all the slides, scripts and demo material to get started.

Access the slides here:

Course Contents

  • Introduction to FFmpeg
  • General Video Encoding Concepts
  • Encoding with the ffmpeg Command Line Tool
  • Getting media information with ffprobe
  • Inspecting Video Codecs


  • This repository
  • ffmpeg (≥ v3.3.2) with libx264, libx265, libvpx
  • ffprobe
  • ffplay
  • Big Buck Bunny video (339 MB)


MIT License (c) 2017-2018, see LICENSE for more.


The slides in slides/ are written in Markdown and can be converted to Reveal.js slides:

npm install -g reveal-md
cd slides/

This will open a browser and show your slides at http://localhost:1948/

Converting to Static

To convert the slides to a static site:

reveal-md --static ../docs

This static site in docs will be shown via GitHub Pages.

Converting to PDF

To convert them to a PDF, run:

reveal-md --print ffmpeg-encoding-course.pdf


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