Slice:Drop is a web-based, interactive viewer for medical imaging data.
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We think that the best way to render your files is without any necessary conversions. Just drop'em on this website and they are ready to render. Slice:Drop supports a variety of scientific file formats out-of-the-box (see here for a complete list).

Features and Technology

Slice:Drop uses WebGL and HTML5 Canvas to render the data in 2D and 3D. We use our own open-source toolkit to perform the rendering, called XTK.


All data stays on the client and nothing gets transferred via the internet. This is totally safe!

File Formats

The following file formats are currently supported:


  • NIfTI
  • NRRD


  • VTK PolyData
  • Freesurfer
  • STL


  • TrackVis


  • Color Tables
  • Scalars


Copyright (c) 2012 The Slice:Drop and X Toolkit Developers <>

Slice:Drop is licensed under the MIT License:


  • Hähn D, Rannou N, Grant PE, Pienaar R: Slice:Drop. IEEE VisWeek, SciVis Poster Session, September 2012. Poster.
  • more..


We are very keen on your feedback, so please email us.

Affiliations and Sponsors

Boston Children's Hospital Boston      Harvard Medical School