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Improve applicability of .run and .list (by not requiring knowledge a…

…bout the packed type)

removed .selectStatement from Invoker (in favor of Executor) because of ambiguous implicits
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cvogt committed Nov 20, 2013
1 parent de2459b commit 1050f137d2e348a05225e8fbc99205fd6ace36c1
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
package scala.slick.test.jdbc

import scala.slick.testutil._
import scala.slick.testutil.TestDBs._
import com.typesafe.slick.testkit.util.JdbcTestDB

object ExecutorTest extends DBTestObject()
class ExecutorTest(val tdb: JdbcTestDB) extends DBTest {
import tdb.profile.backend.Database.dynamicSession
import tdb.profile.simple._
def all[E](q: Query[_, E]) = {
// static tests if the implicit conversions can be applied
@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@ trait JdbcInvokerComponent extends BasicInvokerComponent{ driver: JdbcDriver =>
CompiledStatement(_, sres: SQLBuilder.Result, _),
CompiledMapping(converter, _)) = tree

def selectStatement = getStatement
protected def getStatement = sres.sql
protected def setParam(param: P, st: PreparedStatement): Unit = sres.setter(new PositionedParameters(st), param)
protected def extractValue(pr: PositionedResult): R =[R]
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ trait JdbcProfile extends SqlProfile with JdbcTableComponent
final def buildSequenceSchemaDescription(seq: Sequence[_]): DDL = createSequenceDDLBuilder(seq).buildDDL

trait LowPriorityImplicits {
implicit def queryToAppliedQueryInvoker[T, U](q: Query[T, _ <: U]): UnitQueryInvoker[U] = createUnitQueryInvoker[U](
implicit def queryToAppliedQueryInvoker[U](q: Query[_,U]): UnitQueryInvoker[U] = createUnitQueryInvoker[U](
implicit def queryToUpdateInvoker[E, U](q: Query[E, U]): UpdateInvoker[U] = createUpdateInvoker(, ())

@@ -41,15 +41,15 @@ trait BasicProfile extends BasicInvokerComponent with BasicExecutorComponent { d
implicit val slickDriver: driver.type = driver
implicit def ddlToDDLInvoker(d: SchemaDescription): DDLInvoker

implicit def queryToQueryExecutor[E, U](q: Query[E, U]): QueryExecutor[Seq[U]] = createQueryExecutor[Seq[U]](, ())
implicit def shapedValueToQueryExecutor[T, U](u: ShapedValue[T, U]): QueryExecutor[Seq[U]] = createQueryExecutor[Seq[U]](, ())
implicit def queryToQueryExecutor[U](q: Query[_, U]): QueryExecutor[Seq[U]] = createQueryExecutor[Seq[U]](, ())
implicit def shapedValueToQueryExecutor[U](u: ShapedValue[_, U]): QueryExecutor[Seq[U]] = createQueryExecutor[Seq[U]](, ())
implicit def runnableCompiledToQueryExecutor[RU](c: RunnableCompiled[_, RU]): QueryExecutor[RU] = createQueryExecutor[RU](c.compiledQuery, c.param)
// We can't use this direct way due to SI-3346
def recordToQueryExecutor[M, R](q: M)(implicit shape: Shape[_ <: ShapeLevel.Flat, M, R, _]): QueryExecutor[R] = createQueryExecutor[R](, ())
implicit final def recordToUnshapedQueryExecutor[M <: Rep[_]](q: M): UnshapedQueryExecutor[M] = new UnshapedQueryExecutor[M](q)

implicit def columnBaseToInsertInvoker[T](c: ColumnBase[T]) = createInsertInvoker[T](
implicit def shapedValueToInsertInvoker[T, U](u: ShapedValue[T, U]) = createInsertInvoker[U](
implicit def shapedValueToInsertInvoker[U](u: ShapedValue[_, U]) = createInsertInvoker[U](
implicit def queryToInsertInvoker[U](q: Query[_, U]) = createInsertInvoker[U](

// Work-around for SI-3346

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