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Add flyways migration
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Will Sargent authored and wsargent committed Jun 5, 2016
1 parent fc75e43 commit 297f9965233f9603c62dd4605eb2fb4bb48a9db6
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@@ -26,3 +26,16 @@ slick-migration-api
library for defining database migrations, for use with Slick. It supports
altering database schemas using a type-safe Scala DSL. Unfortunately, it
does not support Slick of version 3.0 or later for the time being.


`Flyway <>`_ is a database migration tool that can
run SQL or Java against a database.

`SBT integration <>`_ is available,
and there is an example `Play project <>`_
that shows Flyway in a module with Slick code generation.

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