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Merge LIMIT on top of DISTINCT
On databases which support `DISTINCT ON` (like PostgreSQL) we skip the
`rewriteDistinct` phase and the queries already collapse nicely to a
single comprehension. In many cases the `DISTINCT ON` can still be
rewritten to a `DISTINCT` later in the code generator (if the columns
match up). On databases that do not support `DISTINCT ON` (like MySQL)
we have to eliminate these operations early on (in `rewriteDistinct`)
and replace them by either `DISTINCT` (where possible) or `GROUP BY`.
The catch is that we have to inject an artificial subquery boundary on
top of a `DISTINCT` to prevent mappings from being applied across the
`DISTINCT` (which could change the set of columns that determine

This subquery boundary then prevents the `Take` operation from being
merged into the existing comprehension in `mergeComprehensions`. The
solution is to push the always distinctness-preserving operations `Take`
and `Drop` down under `Subquery.AboveDistinct` in `reorderOperations`.

The test case (`q7` in `AggregateTest.testDistinct`) also triggers a bug
when running on the special H2Rownum test profile: When
`resolveZipJoins` uses `rownumStyle=true` you can end up with a
`Subquery.BelowRownum` boundary between a `Distinct` and its enclosing
`Bind`, in which case `rewriteDistinct` doesn't perform the rewriting.
The solution is to ensure that there is always a `Bind` below the
boundary in `resolveZipJoins` and create an identity `Bind` where
necessary to preserve this invariant (which should hold in all phases
between `forceOuterBinds` and `mergeToComprehensions`).
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szeiger committed Nov 15, 2016
1 parent fc04186 commit 5cfbd2e
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Showing 3 changed files with 23 additions and 4 deletions.
Expand Up @@ -329,6 +329,7 @@ class AggregateTest extends AsyncTest[RelationalTestDB] {
val q5b =
val q5c = => (, a.a))
val q6 = as.distinct.length
val q7 = => (a.a, a.b)).distinct.take(10)

if(tdb.driver == H2Driver) {
assertNesting(q1a, 1)
Expand All @@ -338,6 +339,7 @@ class AggregateTest extends AsyncTest[RelationalTestDB] {
assertNesting(q5a, 1)
assertNesting(q5b, 1)
assertNesting(q5c, 1)
assertNesting(q7, 1)
} else if(tdb.driver == PostgresDriver) {
assertNesting(q1a, 1)
assertNesting(q1b, 1)
Expand All @@ -346,6 +348,7 @@ class AggregateTest extends AsyncTest[RelationalTestDB] {
assertNesting(q5a, 1)
assertNesting(q5b, 1)
assertNesting(q5c, 1)
assertNesting(q7, 1)

Expand All @@ -359,7 +362,8 @@ class AggregateTest extends AsyncTest[RelationalTestDB] {
mark("q5a", q5a.result).map(_.sortBy(identity) shouldBe Seq(1, 3)),
mark("q5b", q5b.result).map(_.sortBy(identity) should (r => r == Seq(1, 3) || r == Seq(2, 3))),
mark("q5c", q5c.result).map(_.sortBy(identity) should (r => r == Seq((1, "a"), (3, "c")) || r == Seq((2, "a"), (3, "c")))),
mark("q6", q6.result).map(_ shouldBe 2)
mark("q6", q6.result).map(_ shouldBe 2),
mark("q7", q7.result).map(_.sortBy(identity) shouldBe Seq(("a", "a"), ("a", "b"), ("c", "b")))
10 changes: 8 additions & 2 deletions slick/src/main/scala/slick/compiler/ReorderOperations.scala
Expand Up @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ package slick.compiler
import slick.ast._
import slick.ast.Util._
import slick.ast.TypeUtil._
import slick.util.{ConstArray, Ellipsis, ??}
import slick.util.{ConstArray, Ellipsis}

/** Reorder certain stream operations for more efficient merging in `mergeToComprehensions`. */
class ReorderOperations extends Phase {
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -46,11 +46,17 @@ class ReorderOperations extends Phase {
// Remove Subquery boundary on top of TableNode and Join
case Subquery(n @ (_: TableNode | _: Join), _) => n

// Push distincness-preserving aliasing / literal projection into Subquery.AboveDistinct
// Push distinctness-preserving aliasing / literal projection into Subquery.AboveDistinct
case n @ Bind(s, Subquery(from :@ CollectionType(_, tpe), Subquery.AboveDistinct), Pure(StructNode(defs), ts1))
if isAliasingOrLiteral(s, defs) && isDistinctnessPreserving(s, defs, tpe) =>
Subquery(n.copy(from = from), Subquery.AboveDistinct).infer()

// Push Take and Drop (always distinctness-preserving) into Subquery.AboveDistinct
case Take(Subquery(from, Subquery.AboveDistinct), count) =>
Subquery(Take(from, count), Subquery.AboveDistinct).infer()
case Drop(Subquery(from, Subquery.AboveDistinct), count) =>
Subquery(Drop(from, count), Subquery.AboveDistinct).infer()

// Push any aliasing / literal projection into other Subquery
case n @ Bind(s, Subquery(from, cond), Pure(StructNode(defs), ts1)) if cond != Subquery.AboveDistinct && isAliasingOrLiteral(s, defs) =>
Subquery(n.copy(from = from), cond).infer()
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11 changes: 10 additions & 1 deletion slick/src/main/scala/slick/compiler/ResolveZipJoins.scala
Expand Up @@ -51,7 +51,16 @@ class ResolveZipJoins(rownumStyle: Boolean = false) extends Phase {
val idxExpr =
if(offset == 1L) RowNumber()
else Library.-.typed[Long](RowNumber(), LiteralNode(1L - offset))
val lbind = Bind(ls, Subquery(from, condBelow), Pure(StructNode(defs :+ (idxSym, idxExpr))))
val lbind = from match { // Ensure there is a Bind under the new Subquery, as required after forceOuterBinds
case from: Bind => // Already a Bind -> wrap in Subquery
Bind(ls, Subquery(from, condBelow), Pure(StructNode(defs :+ (idxSym, idxExpr))))
case n => // Other node -> First wrap in identity Bind, then in Subquery
val ils = new AnonSymbol
val mappings = => (t, new AnonSymbol))
val ifrom = Bind(ls, from, Pure(StructNode( { case ((_, n), ns) => (ns, n) })))
val mappingDefs = { case ((s, _), ns) => (s, Select(Ref(ils), ns): Node) }
Bind(ils, Subquery(ifrom, condBelow), Pure(StructNode(mappingDefs :+ (idxSym, idxExpr))))
Bind(s1, Subquery(lbind, condAbove), p.replace {
case Select(Ref(s), ElementSymbol(1)) if s == s1 => Ref(s1)
case Select(Ref(s), ElementSymbol(2)) if s == s1 => Select(Ref(s1), idxSym)
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