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Remove dependent types for `.delete` and `.findby` extension methods.

While these types are correct, most other extension methods cannot
impose similar restrictions anyway, and not enforcing them makes the API
easier to use.

Fixes #1253.
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szeiger committed Sep 10, 2015
1 parent 90c752c commit d2e50d4d2a3ded01b770cb4602431b53ae4dcd3b
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ import slick.ast._
import slick.compiler.{Phase, QueryCompiler, InsertCompiler}
import slick.lifted._
import slick.jdbc._
import slick.profile.{SqlDriver, SqlProfile, Capability}
import slick.profile.{RelationalProfile, SqlDriver, SqlProfile, Capability}
/** A profile for accessing SQL databases via JDBC. All drivers for JDBC-based databases
* implement this profile. */
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ trait JdbcProfile extends SqlProfile with JdbcActionComponent
implicit def jdbcFastPathExtensionMethods[T, P](mp: MappedProjection[T, P]) = new JdbcFastPathExtensionMethods[T, P](mp)
implicit def queryDeleteActionExtensionMethods[C[_]](q: Query[_ <: Table[_], _, C]): DeleteActionExtensionMethods =
implicit def queryDeleteActionExtensionMethods[C[_]](q: Query[_ <: RelationalProfile#Table[_], _, C]): DeleteActionExtensionMethods =
createDeleteActionExtensionMethods(, ())
implicit def runnableCompiledDeleteActionExtensionMethods[RU, C[_]](c: RunnableCompiled[_ <: Query[_, _, C], C[RU]]): DeleteActionExtensionMethods =
createDeleteActionExtensionMethods(c.compiledDelete, c.param)
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ trait RelationalProfile extends BasicProfile with RelationalTableComponent
implicit def columnToOptionColumn[T : BaseTypedType](c: Rep[T]): Rep[Option[T]] = c.?
implicit def valueToConstColumn[T : TypedType](v: T) = new LiteralColumn[T](v)
implicit def columnToOrdered[T : TypedType](c: Rep[T]): ColumnOrdered[T] = ColumnOrdered[T](c, Ordering())
implicit def tableQueryToTableQueryExtensionMethods[T <: Table[_], U](q: Query[T, U, Seq] with TableQuery[T]) =
implicit def tableQueryToTableQueryExtensionMethods[T <: RelationalProfile#Table[_], U](q: Query[T, U, Seq] with TableQuery[T]) =
new TableQueryExtensionMethods[T, U](q)
implicit def streamableCompiledInsertActionExtensionMethods[EU](c: StreamableCompiled[_, _, EU]): InsertActionExtensionMethods[EU] = createInsertActionExtensionMethods[EU](c.compiledInsert.asInstanceOf[CompiledInsert])
@@ -57,9 +57,9 @@ trait RelationalProfile extends BasicProfile with RelationalTableComponent
else base.addBefore(new EmulateOuterJoins(canJoinLeft, canJoinRight), Phase.expandRecords)
class TableQueryExtensionMethods[T <: Table[_], U](val q: Query[T, U, Seq] with TableQuery[T]) {
class TableQueryExtensionMethods[T <: RelationalProfile#Table[_], U](val q: Query[T, U, Seq] with TableQuery[T]) {
/** Get the schema description (DDL) for this table. */
def schema: SchemaDescription = buildTableSchemaDescription(q.shaped.value)
def schema: SchemaDescription = buildTableSchemaDescription(q.shaped.value.asInstanceOf[Table[_]])
/** Create a `Compiled` query which selects all rows where the specified
* key matches the parameter value. */

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