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Document the available database migration tools.
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Database Migrations
Slick itself does not support database migrations, but there are some
third-party tools that work well with Slick. This page provides a list
of them.

Scala Forklift
`Scala Forklift <>`_ is a
type-safe data migration tool with great supports for Slick. Users can
define their database migrations using either type-safe Slick queries
or plain SQL queries. Scala Forklift will automatically apply the
unapplied user-defined database migrations in the right order, and
manage the Scala code corresponding to the database schemas using
the Slick code generator.

An example can be found `here <>`_.

An example of using Play, Slick, and Forklift can be found `here <>`_.

`slick-migration-api <>`_ is a
library for defining database migrations, for use with Slick. It supports
altering database schemas using a type-safe Scala DSL. Unfortunately, it
does not support Slick of version 3.0 or later for the time being.

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