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Google Chrome Plugin for

Keeps track of your box's quota. At the moment, that's about all it does.


  • Chrome Browser with an internet connection
  • A account
  • An API key, generated in your account control panel

Where to get it?

The Chrome Web Store:

Future Plans

We're going to be adding new features to the plugin.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Display some of the news events
  • Show open tickets
  • Respond to open tickets
  • Track other usage on your box
  • Poll faster when you're looking at your usage, slower when you're not

If you have any ideas that you would like to see in the plugin, please let us know. We're open to suggestions. :)

Recent Changes

  • BySH News Displayed in accordion
  • Cool tabs ftw
  • Tastes like chicken
  • Changed polling to five minutes
  • Graph will now be updated when you have the popup window open. -slickplaid
  • Graph and icon turn red when >90% usage -slickplaid
  • Added IRC Hook to dev channel
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