Slickplan Importer plugin for ExpressionEngine, imports pages from a Slickplan’s XML export file
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Slickplan Importer - ExpressionEngine Module

The Slickplan import module allows you to quickly import your projects into your ExpressionEngine (2.x) site.

When you are finished planning your website project, import your website plan. Upon import, your pages, navigation structure, and content will be instantly ready in your CMS.


  1. Download this repository and upload the files to the appropriate locations (follow the directory path in the module to find out where to put them).
  2. Install the 'Slickplan Importer' module through the 'Addons > Modules' menu.
  3. Click on the module name 'Slickplan Importer'.


Having trouble with plugin? Check out the documentation at or contact us directly via email