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@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ It is a direct extraction from Shopify where the job table is responsible for a
* spam checks
h2. Changes
+* 1.7 Added failed_at column which can optionally be set after a certain amount of failed job attempts. By default failed job attempts are destroyed after about a month.
* 1.6 Renamed locked_until to locked_at. We now store when we start a given job instead of how long it will be locked by the worker. This allows us to get a reading on how long a job took to execute.
* 1.5 Job runners can now be run in parallel. Two new database columns are needed: locked_until and locked_by. This allows us to use pessimistic locking, which enables us to run as many worker processes as we need to speed up queue processing.
* 1.0 Initial release

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