Shower (Ribbon, Material) - Slide Show (S9) Template Pack
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Shower (Ribbon, Material) - Slide Show (S9) Template Pack

Live Preview

See slides.html.

For testing see test.html, test.ribbon.html and test.material.html

What's Slide Show (S9)?

A Ruby gem that lets you create slide shows and author slides in plain text using a wiki-style markup language that's easy-to-write and easy-to-read. More Slide Show (S9) Project Site »


The Shower package by Vadim Makeev bundled up into a Slide Show (S9) template pack.

Note, the package is configured to use the following headers in slides.html:

author: Your Name Here
title: Your Slide Show Title Here
cover: Your Slide Show Cover Image Here
lang: Your Language Here
theme:  ribbon|material

Try It Yourself - How To Use the Template Pack

If you want to try it yourself, install (fetch) the new template pack. Issue the command:

$ slideshow install shower

Or as an alternative clone the template pack using git. Issue the commands:

$ cd ~/.slideshow/templates
$ git clone

To check if the new template got installed, use the list command:

$ slideshow list

Listing something like:

Installed templates include:
   shower.txt (~/.slideshow/templates/shower/shower.txt)

Now you're ready to use it using the -t/--template switch. Example:

$ slideshow build tutorial -t shower

That's it.


theme: material
title: Shower Presentation Template
author: Vadim Makeev, Opera Software

## Header

This `<tool>` is provided __without__ warranty, guarantee,
or much in the way of explanation. Note that use of this tool may or may
not crash _your_ browser.

## Unordered List

- This tool is provided
- Without warranty, guarantee
- Or much in the way of explanation
  - Note that use of this tool
  - May or may not crash your browser
  - Lock up your machine
- Erase your hard drive

## Ordered List

1. Note that use of this tool
2. Erase your hard drive.
3. May or may not crash your browser
   1. This tool is provided
   2. Or much in the way of explanation
   3. Without warranty, guarantee
4. Lock up your machine


## Thank You

Questions? Comments?


Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the wwwmake forum/mailing list. Thanks!