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Integrated Learning Environment
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Note: The interactive R console in the slides are working again as I updated the OpenCPU API bindings.

Integrated Learning Environment

This is a short demo of an integrated learning environment for teaching R.

The basic idea is to be able to

  1. Author a lesson using R Markdown
  2. Embed interactive components seamlessly
  3. Record the lesson as a screencast
  4. Sync the screencast with the slides
  5. Publish it online.

Click here to be taken to a video-sycned slide deck. Play the video on the top right, and your lesson will automatically advance.


  1. knitr
  2. markdown
  3. OpenCPU
  4. Shiny
  5. PopcornJS

Thanks for watching this demo. It is still just a prototype and I would love to get some feedback. This demo uses several open-source projects, and I would like to give them due credit.

First, I would like to acknowledge the knitr and markdown packages, which provide a simple, elegant authoring environment.

Second, I would like to credit OpenCPU and Shiny, which allow R code to be executed on the server. This demo uses OpenCPU, but you can also run it from your laptop using Shiny.

Finally, I would like to thank Mozilla for PopcornJS, which makes it super easy to sync an html document with a video.

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