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Slidify Workshops

This repository consists of material that I will use for workshops on Slidify.


Slidify is not on CRAN and needs to be installed from github using the devtools package. I would recommend installing the dev version of the package.

pkgs <- c("slidify", "slidifyLibraries", "rCharts")
devtools::install_github(pkgs, "ramnathv")

While the installation process from github is relatively painless for Mac/Linux/Ubuntu users, it can make Windows users jump through hoops. For those of you on Windows that hit a bottleneck, here is an excellent blog post that takes you through an alternate installation process that has been reported to work well.

If you are attending a Slidify workshop, and are having installation troubles, please post it as an issue. Make sure to outline the exact steps you undertook, and also paste the output of your sessionInfo() so that it would be easier for me to help you debug.

Given that installation can be time consuming (especially on Windows), I would strongly urge everyone attending the workshop to pre-install it beforehand.


All demonstrations for the workshop can be found in the demos folder. The instructions for the demos can be found in the tutorials.