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A Windows Scripting Host runner for JSLint
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WSH JSLint Runner

A Windows Scripting Host runner for JSLint.

You will need to download the latest version of jslint.js to the same directory as these files.

This enables running JSLint as an EditPlus user tool with the following configuration:

  • Menu text: JSLint
  • Command: cscript.exe
  • Argument: C:\path\to\jslint.wsf //Nologo $(FilePath)
  • Action: Capture output
  • Output Pattern:
    • Regular expression: ^JSLint at line ([0-9]+) character ([0-9]+):.*$
    • File name: None
    • Line: Tagged Expression 1
    • Column: Tagged Expression 2

You can configure the checks that are made by creating an options.js file in the same directory containing a JSON object of JSLint options.

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