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Brew 0.9

A Wordpress starter theme based on Bones and Bootstrap 3

Created by Dan Brown:


Home Screen

I searched, but I couldn't find a Wordpress starter theme that was based on Bootstrap 3 that I liked. BREW is just pulling together excellent projects such as bootstrap, wordpress, bones, etc into a simple starter theme. This is very lightweight with only some very mild CSS changes to make everything look nice out of the box. My goal is to provide a solid foundation for anyone wanting to develop a wordpress theme with bootstrap.

header screnshot:

Home Screen

footer screenshot:

Home Screen


  • LESS
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Bones
  • sidebar and footer widgets
  • Very clean out-of-the-box experience
  • pagination
  • breadcrumbs
  • Font Awesome
  • Redux Options Framework
  • Easy to add metaboxes

Updates since v.6:

  • Updated to Bootstrap 3.1
  • Added FitVid to make video embeds responsive
  • Removed SASS for now (need to figure out how to keep it up to date)
  • added author profile box
  • updated default styles
  • organized LESS files
  • Added recommended CSS from wordpress for image alignment, text alignment, etc
  • Updated FontAwesome to v.4
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Bunch of other stuff I can't remember

To use:

  1. download zip and upload as wordpress theme.
  2. set your variables at /less/custom-variables.less
  3. add customize and add new LESS files in /less/brew

To do before v1.0:

  • Combine JS files
  • Look in to combining functions.php/brew.php/bones.php
  • Finalize all included pages/php files. Not all have been updated.
  • Set up Grunt

Providing credit where credit is due:


A Wordpess starter theme based on Bones and Bootstrap 3



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