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JavaScript Equality Table Game…

…or why you should prefer the === operator.




Brendan Eich was asked to add the loose equality checking rules by a coworker in Netscape and considers it a mistake.[citation needed]


The initial reason to make this game was to try out state management with immer-wieder, but it's also to demonstrate that the == rules are easy to get wrong even if you feel like you're familiar with them. It's in response to claims like this one by the well-known author getify:

However, implicit coercion is a mechanism that can be learned, and moreover should be learned by anyone wishing to take JavaScript programming seriously. Not only is it not confusing once you learn the rules, it can actually make your programs better! The effort is well worth it.


The game uses emojis; your system and browser should preferably support color fonts and have an emoji font like EmojiOne or Noto Color Emoji installed for the emojis to display properly. If not, the game will provide fallback SVG images from emojitwo (using emoji-extractor).

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