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Fix #23 - broken tag highlighting

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1 parent 68d9e12 commit 9cc1520540ca106426f80f9376e7ab82e5731724 @darthdeus darthdeus committed Oct 17, 2012
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  1. +3 −5 syntax/slim.vim
8 syntax/slim.vim
@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ let b:ruby_no_expensive = 1
" Include Ruby syntax highlighting
syn include @slimRubyTop syntax/ruby.vim
unlet! b:current_syntax
+" Include Haml syntax highlighting
+syn include @slimHaml syntax/haml.vim
+unlet! b:current_syntax
syn match slimBegin "^\s*\(&[^= ]\)\@!" nextgroup=slimTag,slimClassChar,slimIdChar,slimRuby
@@ -65,12 +68,7 @@ syn match slimComment /^\(\s*\)[/].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
syn match slimText /^\(\s*\)[`|'].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
syn match slimFilter /\s*\w\+:\s*/ contained
-syn match slimJs /^\(\s*\)\<javascript:\>.*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=@htmlJavaScript,slimFilter
-syn match slimCoffee /^\(\s*\)\<coffee:\>.*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=@slimCoffee,slimFilter
syn match slimHaml /^\(\s*\)\<haml:\>.*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=@slimHaml,slimFilter
-syn match slimSass /^\(\s*\)\<sass:\>.*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=@slimSass,slimFilter
-syn match slimScss /^\(\s*\)\<scss:\>.*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=@slimScss,slimFilter
-syn match slimErb /^\(\s*\)\<erb:\>.*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=@slimErb,slimFilter
syn match slimIEConditional "\%(^\s*/\)\@<=\[\s*if\>[^]]*]" contained containedin=slimComment

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