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Highlight TODOs in slim comments
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2 parents 68a77a9 + 1a6ea0d commit bd67a41043a0d6aeea19e05ac413c91d9a6e609a @stonean stonean committed Apr 9, 2013
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@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ syn cluster slimComponent contains=slimClassChar,slimIdChar,slimWrappedAttrs,sli
syn keyword slimDocType contained html 5 1.1 strict frameset mobile basic transitional
syn match slimDocTypeKeyword "^\s*\(doctype\)\s\+" nextgroup=slimDocType
+syn keyword slimTodo FIXME TODO NOTE OPTIMIZE XXX contained
syn match slimTag "\w\+" contained contains=htmlTagName nextgroup=@slimComponent
syn match slimIdChar "#{\@!" contained nextgroup=slimId
syn match slimId "\%(\w\|-\)\+" contained nextgroup=@slimComponent
@@ -64,7 +66,7 @@ syn match slimInterpolationEscape "\\\@<!\%(\\\\\)*\\\%(\\\ze#{\|#\ze{\)"
syn region slimRuby matchgroup=slimRubyOutputChar start="\s*[=]\==[']\=" skip=",\s*$" end="$" contained contains=@slimRubyTop keepend
syn region slimRuby matchgroup=slimRubyChar start="\s*-" skip=",\s*$" end="$" contained contains=@slimRubyTop keepend
-syn match slimComment /^\(\s*\)[/].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
+syn match slimComment /^\(\s*\)[/].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/ contains=slimTodo
syn match slimText /^\(\s*\)[`|'].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
syn match slimFilter /\s*\w\+:\s*/ contained
@@ -88,6 +90,7 @@ hi def link slimInterpolationDelimiter Delimiter
hi def link slimRubyChar Special
hi def link slimRubyOutputChar Special
hi def link slimText String
+hi def link slimTodo Todo
hi def link slimWrappedAttrValueDelimiter Delimiter
hi def link slimWrappedAttrsDelimiter Delimiter
hi def link slimInlineTagChar Delimiter

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