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Merge pull request #11 from cjhveal/master

Added support for =' output indicator
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2 parents bd2057a + 82295d4 commit d44803de51ff061ab404de2e6ef8b2729a8da396 Andrew Stone committed Nov 28, 2011
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3 syntax/slim.vim
@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ syn region slimInterpolation matchgroup=slimInterpolationDelimiter start="#{" en
syn region slimRubyOutput start="=\s*" skip=",\s*" end="$" contained contains=@slimRuby
syn region slimHtml start="^\s*[^-=]\w" end="$" contains=htmlTagName,htmlArg,htmlString,slimInterpolation,slimRubyOutput keepend
-syn region slimRubyCode start="[-=]" end="$" contains=@slimRuby
+syn region slimRubyCode start="[-=][^']" end="$" contains=@slimRuby
+syn region slimRubyWhitespaceCode start="^\s*='"ms=e+1 end="$" contains=@slimRuby
syn match slimComment /^\(\s*\)[/].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
syn match slimText /^\(\s*\)[`|'].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/

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