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Added support for =' output indicator #11

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Cody Veal Tanzeeb Khalili drew stone
Cody Veal

Should fix the unmatched quote highlighting error that this indicator was causing before.

Just a note, this only works in cases where the indicator occurs on it's own line. It does not work on the same line as an html tag. This renders the =' indicator usable at least, even if it isn't an optimal solution.

drew stone


drew stone stonean closed this
drew stone stonean reopened this
drew stone stonean merged commit d44803d into from
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Commits on Nov 27, 2011
  1. Cody Veal
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  1. +2 −1  syntax/slim.vim
3  syntax/slim.vim
@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ syn region slimInterpolation matchgroup=slimInterpolationDelimiter start="#{" en
syn region slimRubyOutput start="=\s*" skip=",\s*" end="$" contained contains=@slimRuby
syn region slimHtml start="^\s*[^-=]\w" end="$" contains=htmlTagName,htmlArg,htmlString,slimInterpolation,slimRubyOutput keepend
-syn region slimRubyCode start="[-=]" end="$" contains=@slimRuby
+syn region slimRubyCode start="[-=][^']" end="$" contains=@slimRuby
+syn region slimRubyWhitespaceCode start="^\s*='"ms=e+1 end="$" contains=@slimRuby
syn match slimComment /^\(\s*\)[/].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
syn match slimText /^\(\s*\)[`|'].*\(\n\1\s.*\)*/
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