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Partial fix for #19 #22

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Partial fix for #19

@ghost ghost merged commit 68d9e12 into slim-template:master
@darthdeus darthdeus deleted the darthdeus:performance-tweaks branch
This issue was closed.
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Commits on Oct 9, 2012
  1. @darthdeus
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  1. +0 −19 syntax/slim.vim
19 syntax/slim.vim
@@ -20,25 +20,6 @@ let b:ruby_no_expensive = 1
" Include Ruby syntax highlighting
syn include @slimRubyTop syntax/ruby.vim
unlet! b:current_syntax
-" Include Haml syntax highlighting
-syn include @slimHaml syntax/haml.vim
-unlet! b:current_syntax
-" Include Sass syntax highlighting
-syn include @slimSass syntax/sass.vim
-unlet! b:current_syntax
-" Include Scss syntax highlighting
-syn include @slimScss syntax/scss.vim
-unlet! b:current_syntax
-" Include Erb syntax highlighting
-syn include @slimErb syntax/eruby.vim
-unlet! b:current_syntax
-" Include Coffeescript syntax highlighting, ignoring errors if it's missing
-silent! syn include @slimCoffee syntax/coffee.vim
-unlet! b:current_syntax
-" Include HTML
-syn include @slimHtml syntax/scss.vim
-unlet! b:current_syntax
setlocal iskeyword+=:
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